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December 16th 2012
Published: December 16th 2012
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When we were told that our school would be doing sports day, I was expecting an egg and spoon race, three legged race and a sack race, with possible welly throwing. Oh how wrong could I have been…

11 other schools from all over Thailand were coming to our school and apparently it was a very big deal! For about 4 weeks before sports day students were constantly missing lessons to practise for sports day, the school was all been refurbished and there was a hell of a lot of effort been put in

Sports day was due to run tuesday-thursday but it lasted a whole lot longer than that. On the Friday before we had the day off but had to meet at 6.30am for a parade. All the kids were dressed up in traditional Asean (South East Asian) costumes and looked great, there was a marching band, lots of people dressed up, lots of dancing and even people in big animal costumes.. They must have been boiling!! It was verrrry hot to be walking through town but the kids still put on a show and it was really nice to see.

The next sports day activity was on the Tuesday evening.. An opening ceremony! Yes you would literally think it was the Olympics!! We went to the school for dinner and then watched a long show put on by all the kids about different countries in South East Asia, it was really good.

Then on the Wednesday they did the actual sports.. Which is actually the smallest part of sports day. I am literally talking a few games of basketball, football and CHESS!! Yes, chess is part of sports day over here.. Not a welly in sight!
Unfortunately it rained on the actual day of sports, and it never rains!! It was such a shame, especially as there was a big party planned for the night.. The chairs were all covered with really nice chair coverings and they were all absolutely soaked. Nightmare!

But the show still went on and we had our party… lots and lots of food and the kids all got up and sung and danced.

The Thursday was the closing ceremony which involved more singing and dancing and then we had the rest of the week off.

All in all we had a really good week, just with very little actual sport!

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