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Geo: 15.9033, 103.729End of our last nightäs sleep in this bed for a while.No bread left so Jai makes some pancakes for breakfast whilst I strip the bed for laundry later.Pad stops by to say goodbye. He leaves with a bag of pork, some large tomatoes and a bag of chillies so is glad that he came.We finish packing and putting stuff in boxes then try to find space for it all in our bedroom. We are trying to leave the spare room as free as possible so that Jais daughter can use it when she visits in our absence.I bike over to saz goodbze to John but he has gone into Phon Thong.Last trip out to the farm where we pick some more baby toms, some chillies and Jai finds two fish in the trap ... read more
Last baby tomatoes from farm
What will the trees look like next year ?
What will the trees look like next year ?

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et February 1st 2013

Here was my redemption moment, could I really ask for a better way to go out with a bang here in Thailand. I have just a few weeks left here, soccer failed miserably, I now have an obsession with running and BAM this 5k run falls into my lap like a gift from Santa. I had to prep all my crazy superstitious ways, so my outfit was ready, the breakfast prepped and the bandana bought. I chow down on a very delicious although not so sports bar like breakfast while stretching out to some P90X. Naturally nerves are wanting to bust on in but I'm punching them in the face and keeping them away. The alarm sounds to let me know that I should head to P. Aajong, who will also be running the race. He ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et January 19th 2013

We decided to go and visit our Geordie friend Amanda who lives 2-3 hours ago in the North East town of Roi-et. We have passed through Roi-et many times on our way to Bangkok but this time we decided to actually stop off and spend the weekend there. We left Mukdahan on Saturday morning and arrived by bus in roi-et at 2pm. We were picked up by Amanda’s personal tuk tuk driver and taken to her nice new apartment. In the afternoon we had a walk around roi-et and had a look at everything it had to offer. We went to visit a monastery which houses the tallest Buddha statue in Thailand, it was really nice and we walked up lots of stairs on the inside to get to the top. After this we walked across ... read more
in the clubbbb
big Buddha

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et January 17th 2013

I've talked about eating them and going out to hunt them but this little section is about actually farming them. Of course I'm talking about crickets. I might take it up once back in America since I'm not sure how else I'm going to get my hands on these guys. I had a soccer game today but the highlight of the day wasn't that game but instead all the cricket searching I did before hand. My sister had informed me that we would be doing this and I have to say when she first told me I thought, great I get to be dragged around while I anxiously wait for my game to start. We headed out, me dressed and ready for the game her buzzing on and on about her new truck. I clinged to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et October 28th 2011

Geo: 15.9033, 103.729Bit of a lie in this morning compared to life in the village and wehead down to our buffet breakfast. Bacon, eggs, sausages, omelette, fried tomatoes, toast, jam, fruit juice, fruit, etc or a choice of Thai breakfast. We tuck in !! The inclusion of the breakfast makes this great value for money.After the breakfast has settled we set out to visit some proper shops - well almost proper shops. First stop is Tesco Lotus - they really are everywhere ! Check out the electrics but Jai really wants some new plates, dishes and pans. I have told her that we are only window shopping today because with our overnight baggage and being on the bike we couldnt really carry anything else. They have a few things but nothing that catches the eye. The ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et October 27th 2011

Geo: 15.9033, 103.729Up at 5:30 for a quick breakfast and a cuppa and we leave the village just before 7amand head off towards Roi Et. Roi Et is our nearest city of any size and is about 60km from where we live. We take our time and make a few stops to look at things along the way. We ride through one village where they all seem to make chopping boards and there are stalls lining the road all throughthe village. We stop again at Tawatburi(sp) where the river Nam Chi has flooded quite badly. The waters here seem to have risen since we passed through a few weeks ago. The main road usually passes overe the river with about 10m clearance but today the waters are lapping over the parapet of the bridge and the ... read more
Bridge fishing
Prang Ku
An offering for good luck

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et October 13th 2011

Geo: 15.9033, 103.729Wake up to another wet day. A short break in the storm and Jai decides that today would be a good day for us to take the bike and ride the 50km or so to the city of Roi Et where she has to visit the land office. We make it about half way in the dry and then the heavens open. I carry on for a little bit but finally have to stop because the rain is stinging my face and I cant see where we are going ! Soaked to the skin and now freezing cold as well we finish the journey. I stand and shiver whilst Jai picks up the deeds to her farmland - not the ricefields which are still in limbo and may take another couple of years before ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et July 10th 2011

Owen picked up a nasty bug so that restricted us for a day or two. Otherwise met up with Ja's friend Aey in Mahasarakham and both of Ja's aunts also came to visit.... read more
Eating green mango
Investigating fruits
Having his bath

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et July 2nd 2011

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Roi Et May 30th 2011

I apologize for the month and a half long silence I haven't forgotten about you. I'd like to pretend I was just to busy to write, but the truth is I'm not. I spend my days working hard at the office which included stalking friends on facebook, chatting with the lovely ladies of my tesseban, and downloading movies. That is not to say I do nothing. There are days spend serving food to folks, walking here and there to listen to meetings I don't understand and of course studying Thai which I wish I could report has improved enough to have in depth conversations, but still my main topics of convo is food, weather, and my lack of boyfriend. Despite the boring days stuck in the office, I have been having a blast. After Songkran came ... read more
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