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Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai November 20th 2016

As I anticipated the last 2 weeks + blogging went out the window, blame it on the Chang, the partying, friends or the heat or maybe them all but I will now attempt a quick re cap. Up north section 20-28th November'16 First of all, we had an amazing time!!!!! Big big thanks to Andrea and Wan for being such amazing hosts, tour guides, food advisors, driver, clothes suppliers(!), party organisers and for enabling us to get a glimpse of real Thai life. Thanks also to Debbie, Karen and Liam for just being there and sharing the experience with us and making us The Magnificent Seven! :) We all rendezvoused in the departure lounge at Bangkok airport and flew up to Udon Thani together, at this point I have to mention the inflight snack, a BLACK ... read more
Nong Khai
In the minibus
Stalker alert!

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai June 21st 2015

The train chugs as it arrives at the station, the final stop after traversing the northeastern railway for almost 11 hours overnight. I quickly alight the train, a purple second-class sleeper, and make my way to the information desk. I am now in Nong Khai, a sleepy riverside town in northeastern Thailand more famous as an entry point to Laos than as a charming destination in its own right. But I have spare time so I might as well burn it exploring the town. Nong Khai is a multi-ethnic town that’s prospered since the construction of the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in 1994, connecting it to Vientiane, Laos’ capital, in the northern side of the Mekong River. Consequently, trade between here and Laos flourished, and made travel between the two areas easier. Notwithstanding the growth of the ... read more
Governor's House
Sala Kaew Ku
Mut Mee Guesthouse Garden

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai March 11th 2014

The march northeastwards continued with a 3h bus ride from Khon Kaen to the riverside town of Nong Khai, fronting the mighty Mekhong. This wasn't actually my first time in this Thai border town -- some seven years ago I'd passed by briefly en route to the Laotian capital of Vientiane that sits just across the river, barely 20km away. Seven years later I finally had the opportunity to see what I'd missed the last time. In fact, not that much, but perhaps that's precisely the charm of Nong Khai. Apart from the weekending Thai crowd from the other provinces who'd made it up here for a quick getaway, Nong Khai preserves its quiet charm throughout the rest of the week. I'd originally planned on staying only three days, but soon decided to spend an extra ... read more
Nong Khai Riverfront Promenade
Mut Mee Guesthouse
Sunset on the Mekhong

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai March 16th 2013

Arriving in Vientiane after a thirty minute flight we cleared customs and immigration before catching a taxi to the the Friendship Bridge (built with Australian money in 1994) which crosses the Mekong River which is border between Laos and Thailand. We had decided not to spend any time in Vientiane as we had visited the city twice before. A bus took us the short distance across the bridge and a small local bus dropped us at the Nong Khai bus station about 8 kilometres away. From there a tuktuk drove us to the riverside hotels, stopping enroute so we could take some Thai baht from the ATM. A lot of luggage changeovers in a short time! We found a lovely guesthouse - the aptly named Mekong River Guesthouse - and though our comfortable room didn't overlook ... read more
Mural in Wat Pho Chai
Sunset over the Mekong River
Thai floral temple offerings - so pretty and beautifully made

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai February 9th 2013

We spent a couple of days in Chiang Mai the capital of the North. It has the most incredible night market where the streets are so full that if you walk down the centre you cannot even see the stalls on either side. Lots of buskers and street food but in the main not special as they were catering for the masses and had pre-cooked a lot of stuff which unless is a stew or soup does not bode well for a Thai meal which is all about fresh, made on the spot stuff. We followed the stalls into a Wat which was a lot quieter and had some dinner there – a delicious curry served by a young girl of about 8 working with her mum and grandfather. She was animated and spoke English very ... read more
Hill Tribe dogs clothes
 Temple ruins and dog

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai January 4th 2013

Well today was the first day for our 800km bike ride – it started off really slow which was nice considering I didn’t do any training then everyone found their pace after the first water stop. One leg I found really hard but then we stopped for lunch which was nice and of course I over ate so the last 20kms was also a little tough! No stacks today so that was good! We did 85kms so was a shorter ride than I thought which was a GREAT thing as when I finished I was hurting! Claire and Pete were the little rockets and leaded the pack most of the day with their matching bikes (cute)! J Claire and Peter have had to drive back to the airport as Claire left her laptop on the flight ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai October 18th 2012

I had a beautiful day today. I can't explain it better than by saying I just know I'm in the right place. Today was a long one. As with the other mornings, I had a hard time waking up, and an even harder time staying awake during the morning session. We opened class as usual, sitting in a circle with our left palms facing upwards and right palms facing down, hands adjoined, knees all but barely touching. Pancho went into detailed lecture on the Trikonasana poses of the sequence. I have to admit, I fought to stay awake, HARD. Thank goodness for note taking. I was so relieved (as always) when we finally got into the asana practice. Finally, a chance to move my body and wake up. The asana sequence feels so easy to me. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai February 9th 2012

I didn´t realize there were two parts to the bus station and for half a second thought I was completely at the wrong bus station and was going to miss the bus. But I worked it out and travelled VIP style arriving early in KhonKean. Taking the bus to Nongkhai was relatively easy apart from the waiting on the bus for half an hour then moving 2km to sit and wait again for another hour. I eventually got across the border about half past nine and had met a Spanish guy who was also heading straight for immigration. So together we caught a bus into the city and quickly bought a delicious baguette sandwich before taking a tuktuk to immigration. For some reason this time you didn’t get your number from a machine but it worked ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai January 14th 2012

As I sit here looking across the Mekong River in to Laos from my little slice of Thai tranquillity, I thought it was time to share the experiences and adventures that Thailand has provided us with. Tomorrow we continue our journey in to Laos, another country, another culture, another beer. We have had 10 amazing days in Thailand which began what feels like a month ago in the chaos that is known as Bangkok. After a 22-hour journey with no sleep and plenty of emotions, we arrived in Bangkok. Walking in to the wall of heat that greeted us at the airport, we shed our layers of clothes and shook of the remnants of winter bracing ourselves for long two months ahead of us. After 40 minutes of flying through Bangkok traffic, the taxi driver, in ... read more
Beer time in Bangkok
Erawan Falls

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai December 29th 2011

We left Penang and got a ferry to Butterworth, where we waited for our train to Bangkok. A quick stop at the border and we were soon in Thailand, enjoying a Thai curry and a beer, before our seats where turned into beds and we woke up in Bangkok. After spending about eight hours in Bangkok we boarded another overnight train to Nong Khai. We arrived, not particularly refreshed, and bundled into a Tuk tuk which took us to the Mut Mee Hostel. After a much needed shower and rest we visited the hostel bar where Stuart played guitar and drums with a group of Thais until it was time to go to bed. On New Years Eve we hired pushbikes and cycled through the town until we reached the sculpture park. There were many large ... read more

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