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July 22nd 2006
Published: July 23rd 2006
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A refund? Never...
As I was walking around the streets of Vientienne I happened to pass the travel agent who had sold me a VIP priced ticket for a local bus. I couldnt resist going in to say something, even though I knew it could do no good. No-one believes in service in this corner of the globe, so whos going to care about a few dollars for a random tourist. Well how wrong could I have been! I got a sincere apology and a refund of the difference. This must be a 1 in a Million!

The last supper
For my last meal in Laos I decided to have Laap one last time, so went to a suitably lao looking restaurant. How wrong could I be? This place didnt serve sticky rice. Now those who have not travelled in Laos may not be aware, but sticky rice is to Lao food as pasta is to italian. Serving Laap with boiled rice, is like serving spaghetti bolognase with potatoes instead of spaghetti. So it was a very dissapointing meal!

A blast from the (recent) past
In the afternoon I got a bus from my hotel to the Thai border ready for a night train to Bangkok. As I was waiting for the pickup to arrive I saw three familiar faces I could not quite place, and then realised that the people getting the pickup with me I had met in Sydney at the beginning of march. Random!


23rd July 2006

Sticky rice lover!
So funny,the story about u expected the restaurant served you sticky rice. Unusual western guy looking for sticky rice. U can have sticky rice in Thailand too!

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