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Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima January 13th 2018

After the sess pit that was Pattaya we drove south near the Cambodian-Thai border to Trat. Along the way, we stopped at the seaside town of Rayong for the best seafood lunch we've ever had in Thailand. Yummy fish and huge prawns in the Tom Yum soup. Rayong is popular with Thai tourists and much much quieter than Pattaya. We then got to Trat and boarded the barge to the Island of Koh Chang. Luckily our mini van was the second last car to get on! A short 30 min whizz across the ocean we were at Koh Chang. This is only the second time I've been on a Thai island ( the first was Koh Samui when I was 15). A different look to say, the picturesque Phi Phi island down south. No limestone casts ... read more
Koh Chang
Koh Chang White Sand beach
A Chang beer in Koh Chang

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima December 21st 2015

The brilliant Homtel gang and I were settled on our next episode, we'd head down to settle in Khao Yai national park from the farm. A big goodbye and thank you to the family, such a special place. It felt strange to leave our home of the past two weeks. Swinging into Pak Chong early morning, on one of the few village buses out, we soon found stalls for our jointly craved potion of Iced Thai Tea, '4 coming right up.' We passed elephants that were walked through the streets by the market's only aggressive sellers (no thanks, we didn't want anything), and soon grabbed a hearty breakfast - various dishes, which were assured of our desired spiciness 'real spicy, honestly', including the delicious morning glory (wonderfully seasoned and spiced water spinach). From here we were ... read more
Arrival in Pak Chong
Some ride..
Picking tents with locals

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima October 1st 2012

And a 4h bus ride later I was finally out of Bangkok, and into the heartland of Thailand known as the Isaan region. I arrived at Nakhon Ratchasima, aka Khorat, to resume the more typical backpacking routine that I had almost forgotten after my extended stay in Bangkok. I am somewhat wistful of the comfortable, static days I spent there, and even apprehensive as to whether I can get back into the groove of my pack-and-go days from not too long ago. Guess I'll find out soon. Khorat is apparently Thailand's second largest city in terms of population, over two million, but they are really spread out across the sprawling suburbs of the province. The city centre itself is home to only a few hundred thousand, and it certainly felt like any other medium-sized Thai provincial ... read more
Phimai Historical Park
Phimai Historical Park
Phimai Historical Park

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima August 7th 2012

We paid for the most expensive bus of the trip so far which was all well and good until he forgot our stop at Pak Chong and dropped us on the side of the motorway about 10km away. Very luckily we bumped into an ex pat who gave us a lift back into town. We ended up staying to the south of the town en route to the National Park. We were up early the next day to get the local bus at 7am to the park gates. The bus never showed so we ended up hitchhiking to the gate and then again to get to the visitors centre 14km inside the park. Here we managed to get a guide (Lam) with only one other person to take us on an 8km walk to Haew Suwat ... read more
Lam - Our Guide
Hope you dont mind creepy crawlies!
Big Treeeeeeee

We arrived in Korat at 3pm, after being ripped off by taxi who managed to convince me my research was wrong, the bus station wasn’t ten minutes away it was half hour away.. When, in fact, we just ended up paying over the odds. Advice: always try to get a taxi willing to go on meter if you’re not sure how much it should be – they know the city better than you and will always get the better of you when bartering if you’re not local. 3 hours on a bus and we were there – a much shorter journey than we had anticipated. Although on the bus we started to encounter our first communication issues with the conductor lady. Once we were off the bus we called up Hughi, the local guy that had ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima November 9th 2011

I've been lost, lost in Thailand. Not literally of course, that would be near impossible in a country like this. No it is more that I have been at a loss here. In fact I have been dreading coming to Thailand for a long time, because Thailand for me is a hard country to visit. Strange though this might sound, because it probably is the easiest country to visit from a backpackers point of view. Hence the amount of first time travellers that come to the country of smiles. The reason for my dread, has nothing to do with a supposed difficulty on travelling around this country. No it is far worse than that! The reason is that I feared that I wouldn't find anything to do here. 'But there are loads of things to do ... read more
Ko Phi-Phi
Ko Phi-Phi
Ko Phi-Phi

Alright guys so here is the scoop on my first trip to a National Park in Thailand. My friends and I decided to go big and hit up the number one national park in the area, so Saturday morning we all took off from our respected areas and headed to Khao Yai National Park. We were staying at a little place called the Greenhouse Guesthouse, and if you are ever in the area I totally recommend it. They pick you up from the bus stop, the rooms are clean and adorable, attached is a restaurant with AMAZING food and they offer tours as well. Throughout the day people from our group showed up and by the late afternoon the whole crew was there. Due to some delays a tour was not to be had on this ... read more
ambyleginpigeon (2)
Barking Deer  (3)
Great Hornbill (7)

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima November 12th 2010

Greetings from Thailand! Am in Thailand to visit some sites I missed four years ago and to wait for the fighting to ease off in Myanmar. First off, I forgot how utterly charming Thailand and the people are! I spent the day in a little town called Phimai about an hour and a half outside the city I'm in. It has this incredible ruin site that resembles the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Building began in the late 10th century by King Jayavarman and considering that, it is still in decent shape. It was built a century before Angkor Wat and it took me back to the time I saw the temples in Cambodia. I didn't have a blog back then and be thankful, I would have likely posted many, many pictures of the temples. It ... read more
korat 055
korat 007
korat 056

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nakhon Ratchasima October 2nd 2010

Door een gebrek aan internet thuis, heb ik al even mijn blog niet meer kunnen updaten.. Excuses De laatste maand is alweer snel voorbijgegaan, en ik heb alweer veel bijgeleerd. Mijn Thais wordt ook steeds beter, in tegenstelling tot andere AFS studenten, spreek ik heel goed Thais. Ik ben namelijk naar een AFS camp geweest, niet echt veel bijgeleerd daar, maar ik heb mijn AFS student vrienden toch kunnen zien, en Nederlands (een beetje) kunnen praten. Hoewel ik daar vooral Duits en Engels heb moeten praten.. Idd geen Thais, want dat kunnen de andere studenten niet. Tis ee beetje moeilijk om alles hier neer te schrijven, dus zal ik alvast de hoofdzaken meegeven. Ik ben nog naar Lobburi geweest, en dat is de stad van de apen, en wel het is zijn naam waardig. In het ... read more

Een gewone dag hier in deze eerste week dat ik hier ben... opstaan om 6 wassen, ontbijt (rijst met wat erbij) vertrek rond 7 richting school tussen aankomen op school en 8 uur hang ik wat rond bij de geimproviseerde band, ze hebben wat blazers, een paar snares (liontone) en een paar bassen. Het zijn wel oude maar toch goede snares, het model zoals we bij de schutterij hebben. Om 8 is het ochtendceremonie, het volkslied wordt gezongen en er wordt gebeden. Er is dan ook een speech vd directeur, maar niemand lijkt ooit te luisteren. Ik heb me op het podium natuurlijk ook moeten voorstellen. Daarna is het zowat les; soms worden er wat oefeningen gemaakt, maar geleerd wordt er niet echt. En natuurlijk kan de leerkracht op elk moment binnenkomen, kheb geen idee wanneer ... read more

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