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June 17th 2012
Published: June 17th 2012
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Day 4 of our trip to South East Asia and you'll be glad to hear that we're all Staying Alive. Just.

We seem to have finally mastered the art of Thai transport. Having battled our way from Bangkok to Surat Thani (who knew you had to book a flight that departs AFTER your first flight arrives?! mental, we know...) we then stayed for one night in the town and tried our first street food. We managed to avoid food poisoning by not eating very much. It wasn't exactly what you'd call gourmet food. We then went to an ice cream parlour and ended the night feeling very pleased with ourselves.

The battle with transport continued the next day as we took 2 buses, a boat and a tuk-tuk to our hostel on Ko Samui, a beautiful island off the Eastern coast of Thailand. The beach was gorgeous and we spent two days sunbathing and drinking cocktails. Today we moved on to Ko Pha-gnan ready for the Black Moon Party which starts tomorrow. This resort has hammocks. Enough said. And the room has air-con. Beautiful.

Happy Father's Day!

Emma, Catrina, Becky and Lissie xx


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