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October 28th 2011
Published: October 28th 2011
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I got up this morning and headed to the beach, it was only my 2nd time sunbathing since iv been travelling. Though the first time probably didnt count cos i only managed half an hour. I stayed out for a few hours, the beach was beautiful and the water is calm, clear and warm. I cant stress how beautiful the island is- I swam out looked back and it was just white sand and jungle covered mountains. The island is a bit touristy though if im honest, everything is in english even though there are hardly any english people here mainly europeans- germans and french i think. And really strange is the fact it says everywhere topless sunbathing is not aloud in thailand yet there were loads of people! I dont get topless sunbathing it offends me, just like thongs offend me. They should be banned especially the neon coloured ones on men... eughhhhhh. I spent a good few hours sunbathing and swimming, mainly swimming cos i hate sunbathing then went and got changed ready to go on an elephant trek. The trek itself was moderately boring mainly because they are so slow and mine kept stopping to itch on every tree insite. We treked through the jungle and up some streams then we got to the river where we stripped off and went for a swim. Mine loved it he dived really deep under the water with me on his back several times he was loving it, rolling around squirting water out his trunk. I dont know how long we were swimming for maybe 20 mins or so but it was definately one of the highlights of my trip, i loved it!


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