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October 27th 2011
Published: October 27th 2011
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I left for koh chang about 10 am, I took a motorbike taxi to the station, i love motorbike taxis theyre soooo fun but also very dangerous too i expect but it was my only choice. I then got a taxi to the port. Got there got my ticket then waited for the boat. I was the only non thai on the boat which if im honest was a bit un nearving but all was good. The journey was just over an hour and at the other side i was ushered in to the back of a pick up truck and off i went to 'lonely beach'. The island is spectacular, all you can see in all directions is rainforest, unless your on the beach then sand obviously, except for where im staying where it is all rock! I jumped out the van at lonely beach and went to find a room 2 mins down the road i got one offered at the equivalent of 3 quid a night so i took it. The room itself is stunning really really clean, double bed, pink silk bed spread mosquito net. Place to hang clothes. The only downside is ats above a bar and next to what i think must be the loudest bar on koh chang. Feeling pretty minging from the last few months of adventure i went to the nearest beauty salon and had a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, foot scrub, eyebrow wax and facial all for about 20 english pounds. I then went for a thai massage, dont ever be fooled into thinking thai massages are relaxing... they're not. Brutal is a better word. Or even barbaric. She was knelt on my back digging her knees and elbows into my spine then she was pulling me into some really un natural positions everything was cracking and REALLY hurting. Buuut to be fair i felt ace afterwards. The best thing about it was the man next to me cos he got a hard on when she started massaging his legs i only know this cos i was perving on his legs and to be fair you couldnt miss it. I nearly choked trying not to laugh. I booked on a few tours then I had dinner at the place i was staying thai red curry which was beautiful but very hot, and washed it down with a few changs (the local beer). I had a fairly early night about 10pm but didnt get to sleep till a bit after because the music was pumping. I looked out my window but there was no one in the bar so i didnt bother going down. This morning i got up and went to be picked up for the jungle trek, the island apart from being all rainforest is also mountainous so it was hard hill treking. I surprised myself because i found it relatively easy so i must be fitter than when i went, cos that coupled with the heat would probably have killed me. There were a few things i didnt like about the trek, firstly the guide was shoving sticked into the hollow of a tree where a ghecko lived to try and force him out which i didnt really agree with then he caught a little snake and was passing the poor thing around EVERYONE in the group to hold which i thought was cruel... luckily he got pissed off halfway through and bit a woman on her hand and would not let go... she was in agony. I though it was funny. Then we saw a snake eating a lizard and everyone was round it really close for ages, i didnt think that was nice either. Apart from that it was amazing. Our group was massive over 20 people but if you had a private group i imagine it would be out of this world. The jungle is beautiful, comparible with the part of the amazon i went to. And if you like snakes this is the place for you, i saw more snakes in 5 mins than i did in a week and a half in the amazon. I dont know what we saw to be honest apart from a few vipers none of them were huge but they were only babies we saw... they're mummies must have been somewhere!! We saw tons of waterfalls and got to swim in the pools beneath 5 of them. The water was crytsal clear apart from the other people it was paradise. After the trek with was 10km we saw some monkeys at the side of the road, we stopped and out guide produced a basket of fruit so we all got to feed a money. They come right up to you and take the fruit out of your hands, it was great. There were yound ones too, just the cutest things you have ever seen! And that was that, tommorrow im off to do some elephant treking! x


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