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Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Chachoengsao February 11th 2013

Days 15/16. Left Koh Chang at 09.30 heading north to Sanam Chai Chet - a distance of 400kms approx. Our mission to visit school in the province a project by Tilac Ben Foundation (please visit for further info). We put our faith in TomTom but this proved to be a bad decision as you can see from the photos - we were going nowhere slowly. We abandoned TomTom when we found ourselves in a jungle plantation with no way out so we hit reverse. Reverting to old technology i.e. maps, we eventually reached our destination some 7 hours from leaving home. We visited our Thai family who welcomed us with typical Thai hospitality - smiles, food and drink. Back on the road we arrived at our accommodation for the evening just after dusk in Kabin ... read more
Tight fit?
Cool spot
Who said that?

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Chachoengsao May 21st 2011

I heard Anthony Kiedis had trouble installing a DVD player recently. Apparently he had scart issues. But seriously, here it is the infamous travel blog you've all been hearing about. Right now I’m lying in bed in a steamy hot hotel room in ko phan ngan. I’m also writing this on my phone because the keyboards here a bit hard to type fast with and as you know I’m a very busy man. So hopefully I’ll be able to transfer this from my phone to the internet (if you're reading this, I have been successful). But anyway even though I’m in ko phan ngan ill start from the beginning. In the beginning, there was nothing. Then Hughtron created light. Hughtron begat h-money, who begat Hughie the kid, who begat ...ok so you got what I was ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Chachoengsao October 6th 2010

Gleaming gold and red temples, huge golden statues of the Buddha, the smell of incense, grave-faced monks chanting the sutras in Pali, lines of reverent worshippers sitting in 'samadhi', the occasional slow booming sound of a gong. This is the picture most travellers have of Thai Buddhism, and to an extent it is a true reflection as an earlier post of mine on the subject shows (July 19th). But it's not the entire picture and may not be close enough to the reality of how the religion is practised up-country and by people beyond the main wats (temples) that attract the tourists. Last week my family visited Wat Tung Hiang between Chachoengsao and Chonburi, about 100 kilometres due east of Bangkok along Route 314. Thailand is densely populated with wats which in a sense represent a ... read more
Buddha Shop
You gotta eat
Out from school

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Chachoengsao July 19th 2010

At long last a short break from Afghanistan and back home to Thailand. Hardly a breath of fresh air, because this time of year it's the 'small rains' and the sky is often grey and the air muggy. But as an alternative to Kandahar - no contest at all! The highlight of the trip home was to take my daughter Seiya (aged 16) to a small wat (temple), Wat Panitaram, located on the Bang Pakong River east of Bangkok towards Chachoengsao. She and her mum are both students of the Buddha and go on serious meditation retreats. But this time was a bit more oriented to younger people and Seiya went on her own for 5 days. The idea was to learn more of the teachings of the Buddha and to sit in 'samadhi' or meditation. ... read more
Mum and Daughter
Meditation Hall
View over the Bang Pakong River

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