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February 11th 2015
Published: February 11th 2015
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Full of expectation i jumped into the hot shower - well to find it was luke warm at best aaarrgghhhh!!! Marginally Better than freezing cold i guess but still didn't want to hang around in there too long! Got a taxi after breakfast for £1 to the bus station to rough it with the locals on the public bus back to Bangkok! To my pleasant surprise the bus was actually a rather nice air conditioned coach with reclining seats and complimentary water ( roughing it wasn't so bad after all!) the journey however, should have taken 5hrs instead took nearly 8!! As the coach broke down on the way and in the middle of nowhere by the side of a busy road we waited for a replacement! It came over an hr later and off we trundled. It wasn't an all together terrible journey as it did local routes into small towns and villages on the way to pick up passengers, so got to see a bit more of the area. Eventually made it to erkamia ( Bangkok's eastern bus terminal) and jumped straight in a taxi to ted and wans - which was only 1/2 hr away. Finally had a hot shower - it felt amazing! And ted, wan, cream and i headed to a local fish restaurant for dinner - which was surrounded by a man made pond and full of huge ( some 3ft long) cat fish, which u could entertain yourselves with by feeding them bread. Had a lovely meal and home after a long day to bed.


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