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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong June 5th 2009

Some of you have asked where we actually live i.e. home. Here are a few pics of our home and surrounding area.... read more
The Garden of Good and Evil
Lit gets washed
Kitchen/Living Room

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong March 29th 2009

These past few days have been pretty slow, as we hoped they would be since today we take off for Cambodia and then to Vietnam. We basically spent the week in Rayong swimming with the kids and lying in the sun. One of the days we hired a boat and took it to Ko Mannai and Ko Mannok, two islands so close you can see them from the house. The first is a turtle sanctuary and the second is its neighboring island with some great little reefs for snorkeling. After that relaxing week on the beach we headed back to Bangkok for the weekend to party and pack our bags before hitting the road again.... read more
The Gang
The Grill Master
Baby Sea Turtles

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong March 10th 2009

After arriving safely and sneaking through customs at Bangkok International Airport, we were greeted by Na Gig, Na Dam and Na Ting who escorted us to their apartment just outside Bangkok where we stayed the night. The next morning the whole family packed up and we left for Rayong, to Bettys Mom’s beach house. The next few days consisted of relaxing with family, basking in the sun, bathing in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, and eating massive amounts of home-made Thai dishes made from the freshest ingredients. And what’s an Asian vacation without karaoke?! Na Dam was the DJ and lead vocalist, but Betty serenaded everyone with Bryan Adams’ Please Forgive Me and I rocked out to Hotel California. On Monday we went for authentic Thai Massages (extreme deep tissue) and climbed the ... read more
The Rayong House
West View
East View

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong January 24th 2009

We are about 2 hours south of Bangkok and about 15 minutes by scooter to the Gulf of Thailand. On a map, this would be about 45 minutes from Rayong, and about 13 kilometers from the small town of Ben Phe, which is the jumping off harbor to the touristy island of Kho Samet. While 13k in Canada is not far to travel, here in rural Thailand there is much to see and experience even in this small distance. We have been volunteering some time to teach English at a local school by the name of BonSongSalung. Basically, we are helping a local Thai English teacher with English speech. Students here are often very well versed in English grammar/reading, etc. However, with little chance to hear spoken English there is little opportunity to learn what words ... read more
Staff and Us

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong May 27th 2007

Where to start? Got to Heathrow airport only to find out we had been UPGRADED to the executive suite thanks to Graeme's sister. Spent 7 hours in there eating food and drinking beer for about 7 hours FOR FREE! Also found out that we had been upgraded on the plane to the more expensive seats towards the front of the plane (not exactly first class but there was more legroom, your own t.v. etc etc). Got to Bangkok airport and our luck began to run out! The "greeting bloke" that Graeme had booked (shame on you Graeme) was there HOWEVER he was waiting for one other person to take into the city centre...this person's bags were still in Heathrow!! This took about an hour to get sorted. On our way to Bangkok, we experienced our ... read more
Disgruntled Graeme
Laying Buddah
Giant Buddah

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong May 9th 2007

Kate For our final teaching practise on the course we taught the monks in the Temple School. This was a different experience because they were older, all teenagers. Also it was different for the girls because women are not allowed to touch monks. So when we wanted to hand out materials or pens or whatever we had to put it on a chair or a table and let them pick it up. It was difficult to remember! Also monks have lots of precepts, which are things they are not allowed to do. For example they are not allowed to clap, so there we were, clapping on our own at the front of the class! They are also not allowed to sing. It was good fun teaching them because their English was alot better than the kids ... read more
Kirsten and one of the monks we taught at the Temple school
Our Tefl mates out at the white roof restaurant for our leaving do
Kris, Maura and some of the other folk at our leaving party at the white roof restaurant

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Rayong May 5th 2007

Kate At the moment we are spending the weekend in Bangkok after a couple of very tiring weeks. We are now coming to the end of our TEFL course and next Thursday will go and meet the school who have the great honour of having us work for them for the next 4 months!. At the Temple school Last week we had a full week of lessons at the Temple school, learning how to become teachers and about the ins and outs of English grammar and phonetics. The Temple school was actually a cool place to learn, apart from the fact that there were no air con classrooms and thus were baking hot. It was really interesting and we got to learn alot about Thai culture. The school is run by Buddhist monks and they provide ... read more
Corridor at the Temple School
Lunch at the Temple school
Lunch at the Temple school

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