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June 5th 2009
Published: September 6th 2009
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Some of you have asked where we actually live i.e. home. Here are a few pics of our home and surrounding area.

Additional photos below
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Sometimes, with guests, we gather "out front" at the table shown here. We can see people passing by. (The wall/gate with lights can be seen just to the right.) Thai people are very friendly on the whole and in this rural area everyone knows everyone. Often people on the road stop for a chat. "Bi Ni" means "where are you going?" "Bi Delat" is often the reply i.e. go to market.
The Garden of Good and EvilThe Garden of Good and Evil
The Garden of Good and Evil

This was the original garage. We knocked out the outer walls and tiled, painted etc. The garden is a joy and contains lime trees, mango steen, lemon grass, papaya, banana, etc. The "evil" part is the large,black spitting cobra that we found there. It kinda puts a damper on strolls in the garden without boots and BIG sticks. It came in by way of the front gate recently, although we haven't seen it lately so perhaps its gone. It would be unable to scale the walls which are over 6ft so not too sure if it made it out. We have two dogs Lit and Eva who pounce on anything moving in the garden. So, since they are still around it may indicate that all is safe.
Lit gets washedLit gets washed
Lit gets washed

The dogs enjoy rooting around everywhere and anywhere. They don't seem to mind getting a bath, too much. The gazebo, situated in back of the house, has a cable internet connection as well the wireless extends to it now, plus a fan making for a pleasant work/social area.
Kitchen/Living RoomKitchen/Living Room
Kitchen/Living Room

We knocked out the wall between the kitchen and spare room making a large, single, informal room. The clutter is amazing! I do some computer work here and we basically relax here and in the bedroom with TV which runs off this room. Regarding TV, it is a major plus. We put in a satellite dish and get CNN, CNBC, BBC, movie channels, etc. etc. I am the only "farang" i.e. foreigner, for miles around and find these English channels give a much needed respite from listening to the Thai language 24/7.
Dead Body RoomDead Body Room
Dead Body Room

In many Buddhist homes there is a large front room built for displaying the body of a deceased from that home. There is a major ritual surrounding the death of a loved one. In our case, we've knocked out the walls to the garden and painted the room a bright yellow. It is now used as a social gathering point and of course may also be used for it's original purpose at some point in the future.

My partner, Thavorn, is Buddhist and prays most mornings here at a small shrine in the living room. We are both early risers and she starts at 4:00am. So, while she explores the inner world I, with coffee, turn on the TV and explore the outer. Hay! It works for both of us.

A wall surrounds our home with light sensitive lights which automatically come on at dusk. Here our house cat "Tom" poses while keeping watch over the garden.
Air BladeAir Blade
Air Blade

This little Honda Air Blade scooter is a great way to travel in our little corner of this world. Scooters are ubiquitous throughout SE Asia and with Thavorn behind me we take off everywhere. An early morning run to the sea (Gulf of Thailand) or a late day ride exploring side roads is something we enjoy.

21st August 2009

Originally, this was the garage. We knocked out the outer walls and extended the space, tiled the floor, painted the walls, etc. to create a wide open space looking onto the side garden.

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