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August 8th 2006
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Several months ago I heard from a friend Camille to say that she was heading over to Thailand at the same time I would be there. She and her friend Suzan were spending some time in Pattaya and invited me to come along. I had never been there before and have always held this image of Pattaya being the prostitution capital of Thailand.

Camille and Suzan were staying at the Dusit Resort, where Camille's uncle Mr. Shah stays on an annual basis. Bearing the same surname, they received the 'Shah treatment' and even I was ushered through and welcomed as part of the Shah company. At 7,000 baht ($300 NZD) a night I could not afford to stay at the resort so wandered around close by to try to find something cheaper. There seemed to be a string of up market resorts in the area and the only place I could find within my means was the Moon Night Motel. Their sign was in Thai, with the English numbers 280 and 450. I assumed this was for a single and double room and when I asked the price, I was asked how long I intended to stay. For one night it would cost me 450 baht ($19 NZD). When I inquired about the 280, I was told that this was the fee for 3 hours.

Needless to say I wanted to save money and the room seemed nice and clean. It wasn't until after I paid that I saw the huge mirror above the bed and the menu that read: beer, cigarettes, lighters and condoms.

Trying to avoid the motel, I spent the evening with Camille and Suzan. The prostitution did not seem as blatant as I had expected, however we did come across a red light alley that had groups of women lined up in themed dress and countless ladyboys strutting their stuff. These pics give a tiny glimpse of Pattaya....

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I really felt for these girls, some of them were so young. They should be models and not call girls.
Believe-it-or-not #1Believe-it-or-not #1
Believe-it-or-not #1

This is a typical Thai ladyboy, although s/he still looks pretty masculine
Believe-it-or-not #2Believe-it-or-not #2
Believe-it-or-not #2

This is also a man who has had breast implants
Believe-it-or-not #3Believe-it-or-not #3
Believe-it-or-not #3

Looks like a woman? Think again
Kiss Kool BarKiss Kool Bar
Kiss Kool Bar

I hadn't intended to but I think I may have caught this guy out
Moon Night MotelMoon Night Motel
Moon Night Motel

The dodgy mirror
Suzan looking out to seaSuzan looking out to sea
Suzan looking out to sea

At the Dusit resort. The ocean was too polluted to swim in so we kept to the pool
The Dusit PoolThe Dusit Pool
The Dusit Pool

I got in for free thanks to the Shah connections
Camille and SuzanCamille and Suzan
Camille and Suzan

Looking forward to seeing you guys in London!!

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