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October 29th 2005
Published: October 29th 2005
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2 months have passed now and my diving is getting better and better all the time dive count is 80 dives now. I have now done the following courses which will probably make more sense to Colin, Nadia and Barry.

Nitrox Spec, Search and Recovery Spec, Wreck Spec, Deep Spec and I have just completed my Rescue Diver course I will now start my Divemaster training which I intend to complete over the next two months or so.

The Nitrox course was great and a lot of fun as you learn alot about partial pressures and the laws of diving gases and different mixes. I dived four times on Nitrox over the few days making sure I had calculated my maximum depths and contingency depths for the mixes I was using, different mixes of EANX require different maximum depths due to the partial pressures exerted by the oxygen in the mix...oh that sounds technical ( feel free to correct me guys).

Search and Recovery was a great course teaching me some basic skills which I should really know but now the Bowline and the Sheet Bend seem so simple. Learning search patterns and preparing objects to be lifted with lift bags was a great skill to learn and knowing how to look and find objects in currents etc is a great skill.

Wreck oh I can penetrate lots if things now!!!. This is a great and a skill which is really a must it makes sure you are trained and cofident in the penetration of sunken wrecks. We dive two wrecks very regularly so the ability to swim thru and around the ships is so much fun, but knowing what to do if the hold is suddenly filled full of silt is a must.

Deep as it suggests is the course you do so that you learn all about Nitrogen Narcosis and its effects on divers also partial pressues sac rates etc are touched upon we only managed to get 36 metres but I am sure there will be more deeper dives coming soon.

Rescue course this is the hardest course I have done so far but it is also the most fun I have had the course is built around various rescue scenarios and different styles of entries into the water!!! lots of fun.

The start of the course is to be trained in EFR or first aid as it is in the U.K, The next few days are spent learning techniques to recovered unconscious divers and rescue people from situations when they could potentially be in trouble. Self Rescue is also a important skill learned and it has made me alot more confident and self aware.

Socially nothing really different here its the same hot sunshine all day a little rain now and again but apart from that life is very simple and fullfilling.

D2, Yardie what are you boys up to let me know. Foote (get a proper job again), Lunn back on the road keep your eyes peeled!!, Skipper (are you really moving out), Holly ( what you doing now), Bing Bong (you built that wall yet), Charlie, Omar (let me know about the course), Andy, Gemma Congratulations yet??, Brian hows things you wee jock. Hey Kerrie thanks for the letter.

Claire and Nigel fantastic news I wish you all the best say hello from me!!

Congratulations to "Bubbles" Nicki is now a instuctor she passed her Instuctrors Exam on the 27th October and she is now a fully fledged PADI instuctor and a very happy girl.

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29th October 2005

Nice to see your having dude, i did email you dont, know if your still useing your hotmail acc let me know keep having fun laurie
29th October 2005

having fun
that should have been (having fun)
29th October 2005

HAve a greeeaatttttt time and just let me know if you need anything when you stopover Singapore.Take care......
29th October 2005

brother bruce
keep it going my ethnic friend, good to see the world aint lost its dream chasers!
29th October 2005

Geezer, this is D2, all good here, quit my job,my name is now mud,as is everyones who leaves the place, how come no one good ever leaves.?? ha ha..leaving for hawaii on 2nd nov returning feb 2nd then looking to hook up with you in thailand!! keep livin the dream for everyone but mostly for yourself.see you soon jiggaman will e mail from Hawaii.soon. D2 OUT
31st October 2005

Hello mate,moved house this week and SKIP moved in. Can u believe he has left his mum!!!! All is good, nice to hear things are all good.SPeah coon.Later
2nd November 2005

hello bro its yard, last day in shit england, hope to be coming out to see you soon, well tempted to do the course, e-mail me dude i dont have your address, well done for doing it insprational, brought some diving knives and a spear gun, just going to bob up and down in hawaii and see what i can shoot, just kidding, would love to drop you a line sometime and say yaaaa see you soon mate ad
26th November 2005

Spot on Bruce!
Entire worlds are opening up...I'm starting to get jealous ;^) Having spent 5 of the past 6 years living in deserts (Mojave, Iraq and A'stan), your situation is my most frequent wish right now - more so than a pint!

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