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December 28th 2012
Published: January 7th 2013
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We had so many ideas about where we could go and spend new year but in the end all of the islands down in the south were just too far. We would have been travelling for over 24 hours and none of us fancied doing that journey back with a hangover. So we opted for a posh rooftop party in Bangkok which was great because it gave us a good excuse to get all glammed up, something we haven’t had much opportunity to do since arriving in Thailand. But we had the whole weekend plus new year’s eve and new year’s day and we didn’t fancy spending 5 days in Bangkok, its kind of a been there, done that kind of thing. So we started looking for alternatives..

In the end we decided to go down to Koh Samet, an island on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand and spend the weekend there before heading to Bangkok for the rooftop party. So on the Friday night we got the 14 hour overnight bus down to Rayong (the mainland next to Ko Samet).

We arrived Saturday morning and caught the ferry over to the island, it took about half an hour but was a nice journey; we had left it too late to book accommodation on the island so we stayed in Rayong instead but we got a really nice hotel and it was good. Ko Samet was amazing, so beautiful and everything I had imagined when I pictured an island in Thailand – the fact that they had restaurants that sold proper bacon and steak and chips, amazing!

We spent Saturday on the beach drinking chang and going on banana boats and then got the ferry back over to the mainland on the evening, it was lovely as we got to watch the sunset over the sea from the boat. Great photo opportunity. On the evening we searched Rayong for a western restaurant and came across an amazing place that sold cheesy mash and cheese on toast, we were in our element. We ate and then were so tired we just went home and crashed out, we didn’t even have the energy to stay out for a few chang.

We were up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to head to the beach, after getting the ferry over and stopping off for bacon and egg baguettes and chocolate milkshakes (amazing) we did some serious sunbathing and spent the morning messing around in the sea on rubber rings. On the afternoon we did a bit more sunbathing and then retreated to one of the nicer beach bars and sat having pina coladas watching the world go by. Cocktails on a beach of white sand and crystal clear water whilst watching the world go by with the temperature at 35 degrees is what I would call perfect.

The day was rounded off by watching another beautiful sunset and going for the most amazing meal I have ate in the past two and a half months I have been in Thailand… fillet steak with pepper sauce, fried potatoes, onions and garlic bread… food heaven! We even got to see an elephant as it walked past while we were eating.. standard night in Thailand!

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