Koh Chang – A perfect break on a paradise island at the white sands beach resort.

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October 3rd 2011
Published: October 14th 2011
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Koh Chang – A perfect break on a paradise island at the white sands beach resort.

Following a few days in Bangkok Maam and I headed to the Island of Koh Chang for some rest and relaxation. We took a mini-van to the nearest town called Trat and got a ferry across to the Island. Because I had a first class guide (I know you will hate me for saying this ha ha) everything was nice and simple and the journey was drama free which makes a nice change for me. I have to confess I got a bit lazy having Maam around because it meant I didn’t have to worry about anything or struggle with the Thai language. Once we reached the island we hired a moped and had the freedom to explore. Things here are so cheap compared to back home, the moped was £4 a day, I don’t know if this included insurance or not but I doubt it very much. Following my last attempt at moped rental I was hoping for a better experience, I was confident the battery wouldn’t run out because it took petrol which was a good start. However after just a couple of hours riding I managed to end up with a blown tyre! How does this keep happening to me?? So like any true gentleman I left Maam at the shops and went off to find a garage, well actually I was told to go and get it repaired and come back for me once you’ve sorted it, but my versions makes me sound better! After finally finding a garage I got it repaired and we were on our way again, it’s strange when it nearly costs as much to get a tire repaired as it does to hire the bike for the day!

On the first night we stayed in a basic beach hut called Tiger Huts located in a very quiet area, it felt pretty much like we were totally on our own, like something out of a movie where you are dump on a deserted island. The beach huts were quaint and cozy but I think it some became apparent that we wanted a little more comfort for the remaining nights. The following morning we hopped on our trusty moped complete with all our bags and made our way to the slightly more populated area called white sands.

Once there we found some really nice accommodation about 20 meters from the beach, it was perfect! Simply chilling out on a sun lounger with the waves lapping at your feet I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Along with over indulging and eating many delicious dishes containing a lot of sea food we also went to explore the island by just cruising around on the moped. It was such great fun and so cool just to make our way round the island stopping anywhere we fancied to just check out what was going on. We did try and make it to a waterfall and this was the point I realised I’d left all my money back at the room, initially I was gutted and annoyed at myself but sadly it turned out not to matter because the water fall access path was closed because it was deemed to dangerous due to the heavy rains.

Not to be deterred we decided to make our way down to the river and get some photos of the really beautiful scenery that presented itself. As you will see it was really very special, I was half expecting Peter Andrea to pop from somewhere and start singing mysterious girl but instead I had to make do with Maam just trying to continually push me over, unsuccessfully I might add!!!
Before leaving the island Maam was very insistent that I tried a chicken’s foot. I was initially equally insistent that I didn’t want to. But after some gentle persuasion on her part I agreed to give it a try, as the photos will show that’s as far as I got, I tried. There is simply nothing to eat on them, I just don’t see the appeal and it’s definitely going to be my last chicken’s foot.

This had certainly been the beach break I’d been longing for and it didn’t disappoint, it was simply perfect in every way! The next beach is going to have to be something very special to top this.

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17th October 2011

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