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So, on the night of my arrival at the hotel, I venture down to the dining room and sit outside by the pool ... it is still in the higher 20's and humid as hell. As I'm unsure of the portion sizes, I opt for the Chicken and Cashew nut stir-fry with Jasmine rice and a further course of Pad Thai which come out after about 15 minutes. Hmmm ... think I over did it on the Pad Thai .... it is enormous! Definitely enough to satisfy a quartet of ladyboys! Anyway, I'm hungry and manage to get through about half of it before waving the white flag. The food is delicious and I leave well satisfied before retiring to bed; falling asleep to sound of the TV which is on to mask the sound of ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 5th 2014

And so the adventure begins! After a night out drinking champagne with the Bestie, it was a struggle to get up early (when I say early, I had become accustomed to post 9 AM starts since quitting work 3 weeks earlier). At least I had done most of my packing the day before - the reason for the early start was for a journey to the Travel Clinic to get my second Hepatitis B inoculation. Now, following on from seeing the lovely Claire at the clinic last week, I was looking forward to renewing our acquaintance despite my fear of needles. However, I was soon to be disappointed as a male nurse was on duty that day who was probably more feminine than Claire although this didn't extend to the use of a needle ... shit ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 5th 2014

SCOTLAND to QATAR Leaving bonny Scotland after devouring a splendid early Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was a treat and to then enjoy the great food in Poland and soak up the lovely autumn time heat. Packing a backpack of essentials was easy, as once we leave the UK its sunny weather everywhere and no need for trousers, big socks or our previous worries. Poland was a great family life and the best food i think this world has to offer, the weather turned just as we landed and from a warm 18 degree autumn it started its first show of harsh weather on the horizon. Temperatures dropped to 1 degrees in the night and the day barely reach 7 degrees when you were out of sight from the very bright but powerless sun. I ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 4th 2014

Our holiday begins! Pleasant flight on Singapore Airlines. With a stop in Singapore, Singapore Airlines give you $40 Changi dollars to spend in the airport. Jules and i used ours to buy booze at the duty free desk. 1ltr Johnny black & 1ltr Gentleman Jack. Difference in price for us to pay? $6. Bargain!!! Glad we paid the little bit extra for preferred seating. Leg room to spare, however we were right behind the toilets. You have no idea how much action those little suckers get! People start as soon as they get on the plane, and there is absolutely no empty sign the entire trip. We were in dire need of a cool beverage when we arrived at our hotel, so sussed out a pub nearby. We battled the crowds on the streets, the very ... read more
Changi airport
Changi airport
Bully's Pub

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 4th 2014

BANGKOK Stepping into the suffocating heat is a wake up call as we get off the plane after 7 hours from Qatar, the flight was great but after no sleep and 3 different time zones we are starting to need a well deserved rest. Bangkok is the wrong place for they ideas, the ques for immigration were huge and we got our first insight into the Thai way, slowly but surely does it. Patience is going to be the new best friend on this trip, im already getting my head tuned in to accept we have no rush this trip, no 14 day period to have done whats needed and get return leg journey home, this is time exploring the mind and the countries. The Limo (arranged cheaply through Hotel Icon - yes, the backpacking way ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 27th 2014

So after a 12 hour bus ride, 1 visa stamp, 2 runny poo's and absolutely no sleep..... I touched down in Bangkok. Thailand has alway intrigued me. It's bizareness and craziness I hear from other traveller's stories and popular movie culture, made sure it was a place I had to experience myself. You can only get so much from television documentaries and magazines. I needed to see from my own eyes if the so called desperate, unprincipled older men were frolocking with attractive thai women. What was the attraction? Are they happy? Another captavating and thought - provoking puzzle was the Thai ladyboys. Apparantly it's more accepted in Thailand, I needed to see what the facination was all about before I left. The ping pong show? The grotesque, unnatural and perverted 'show' was also another mad ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 25th 2014

Saturday, 25th October 2014 There is always something to look forward to during breakfast time at Bangkok Loft Inn. The congee with dough sticks was really delicious. Together with the freshly prepared breads and cut fruits, breakfast time was a happy time for me. Today also marked the last day of my vacation as I would be catching a Jetstar flight home in the evening. My journey started 8 days earlier with a brief visit to Penang before hopping onto the railway across the Thai border to Hua Hin. Throughout the journey, I had a nice time catching up with my old friends as well as spending some happy times with the new friends I met in Hua Hin. With a few hours left to go before the end of my vacation, I spent the rest ... read more
Last look at Bangkok
Mall hopping
More streetscapes

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Friday, 24th October 2014 Determined to fully utilised my 1-Day BTS Pass, I decided to make as many stops as possible today to make my 130 Baht go a long way. From my hotel at Wong Wian Yai Station, I took the BTS to National Stadium Station where the Jim Thompson House was another 5 minutes walk away. This was hidden beneath a walkway in a rather secluded location. Next, I continued my skytrain journey to Siam Square where I had breakfast at McDonalds at the bottom of Amarin Plaza. After breakfast, I continued to the JCB lounge within the same building for some refreshments while making use of the complimentary wifi facilities. The staffs were pleasant even though I was not a Japanese National, they made me feel really welcome. No visit to Bangkok would ... read more
First Stop of the day
The Erawan Shrine
JCB Lounge Bangkok

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Thursday, 23rd October 2014 I was off to Bangkok this morning. From Hua Hin, I took a mini-van to the Victory Monument BTS Station in Bangkok for 180 Baht. It took more than 3 hours to cover the entire 199km due to frequent stops along the way to pick up passengers and fuel breaks. Upon arrival in Bangkok, I wasn't too bothered to check out the name of the restaurant where I took my lunch. All I remembered was that I was really hungry and badly needed a toilet break. The noodles were forgettable - tasted pretty bland for the most part. There was a tuk-tuk vehicle in the interior of the restaurant which was really amazing. Before checking in, I took a peep at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC in short). This fine ... read more
Nice interiors
Bangkok Loft Inn
Chocolate Ville

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 23rd 2014

De afgelopen weken dat we nog vakantie hebben gehad, zijn er ontzettend veel dingen gebeurd. Leuke, maar ook minder leuke dingen. Laten we beginnen met waar we onze vorige blogpost waren gestopt: de verjaardag van Jasper. Omdat Jasper jarig was, mocht hij ook beslissen wat we gingen doen die dag. We zijn toen naar het MBK shopping center gegaan, om wat souvenirtjes te kopen. Verder hebben we 's avonds lekker bij de Sizzler gegeten, een steak restaurant, dat was ons ontzettend goed bevallen! Verder zijn we een dagje naar "Sathon" gegaan, dit is een gebied waar veel hotels en wolkenkrabbers staan. Daar zijn we naar de "robot building" gegaan, een wolkenkrabber die op een robot lijkt. Helaas konden we het vanaf de grond niet heel goed zien, dat was wel jammer. Op 3 oktober kwam het ... read more

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