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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 27th 2015

Today’s tour started at 1:00pm with a drive by bus through Chinatown. Disembarking in the flower district, we walked several blocks through stalls and stalls of people making flower decorations. They were beautiful and looked tedious to make and sold for very little. Next we hopped on a tuk-tuk which derives its name from the sound it makes. Thankfully we survived that experience as they drive rather erratically here. It is probably more dangerous as a pedestrian, a truck backing up very nearly hit me. Was looking forward to the huge reclining buddha but he is encased by the building and it is difficult to see him all at once as there are pillars in front of him, thus the long shot of buddha from his feet. Of course a tour wouldn’t be complete without entrapping ... read more
Temple grounds
Thai Dinner
Beautiful Dancers

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 26th 2015

Síðustu tveir dagar hafa verið mjög spennandi. Ég var úti mest allan tímann og skoðaði mig um borgina. Í fór að Victory Monument í verslunarferð. Í kvöld fór ég á litla eyju, þar sem ég fór í parísarhjól, fish spa og flottan veitingastað.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 25th 2015

Finally back "home" in Bangkok! I never thought I'll miss the possibility of being able to eat almost anything the city can offer so much! It's not like I don't like Indian cousine. I do. But after a month on tali, massala, dossa, porridge, chai (although I miss chai, I could drink it every day) - I couldn't be happier to buy the small green-white baby coconut, noodle soup or eat the grilled fish near Central World/Isetan. No Delhy Belly anymore! Did I mention I love Thailand? I ditched the old clothes from India (except the saree of course) and bought some new ones today. Mostly to wear for the elephant sanctuary visit in Chiang Mai, but it simply feels so good to be clean and have a warm shower again! (I know I know. I'm ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 24th 2015

Síðustu tveir dagar hafa verið æðislegir. Ég er búinn að fara í verslunarferðir, borða tælenskan mat, skoða mig um borgina, fara í thai massage og fleira. Í dag var mesta rigning sem ég hef séð og það í ca. 28°C. Það stytti þó fljótlega upp, svo hægt var að fara út aftur. Ég var merkilega fljótur að venjast hitanum, sem er er í kringum 35°C en verð þó að viðurkenna að það er nauðsynlegt að fara í sturtu allavega 4 sinnum á dag.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 20th 2015

On a rainy Auckland day, the temperature dropping and garden sodden and soggy with lawnmower marks, I put my absence greetings on, packed with thought, and awaited my ever enthusiastic and loving airport chaperones. No early morning dash this time, the anticipation of flying at night feeling less wasteful and more enticing when I didn’t face the prospect of being an upright sardine for 11 hours in economy. Go the business class deals I seem to scout. Checking in, I realised an oversight. “Do you have a visa for Vietnam? You need an invitation letter!” Well, no I replied, my travel agent suggested it could be sorted out in Asia, and every other country I had been to lets us Kiwis in at the border, albeit my 8 year memory of buying one in Auckland somewhere ... read more
sleeping capsule in lie-flat Singapore airlines business class, aboard an Air NZ plane
airport massagers
Outskirts of Bangkok

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 14th 2015

After five incredible weeks of wandering Thailand and Cambodia, we are back in China! We managed to plan a perfectly balanced trip that combined the best of everything from the exotic beaches of Thailand to the dusty marketplaces of Cambodia. And at the extreme of everything lies a city unlike any other: Bangkok. With about ten million people, Bangkok is a bustling enterprise of everything… and more. From fine hotels to decrepit slums, from noisy roads filled with cars, buses, scooters and tuk-tuks to pedestrian streets lined with endless vendors, the untamed Bangkok has something for everyone! We arrive in Bangkok and ride the local bus to our destination, the famous Koh San Road in the heart of the city. This is the place where one visits to disappear and anything goes. Up until this point ... read more
Cockroach Delight!
Koh San Road
Street Vendor

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 8th 2015

As we make our way through Asia’s mega-metropolises Kota Kinabalu, Hong Kong, Saigon, and now Bangkok and Singapore it is amazing that each is so unique. They all have commonalities such as lots of people, overwhelming traffic congestion and varying degrees of air pollution. But each city has its own personality and pace and history and attractions. Bangkok is a city on the verge of gridlock. It barely has the infrastructure to deal with its exploding population and rampant development. But because of the calm, friendly nature of the people it is still a city much loved and worth visiting. As in Saigon, the Silver Whisper is able to cruise all the way up the Chao Phraya River into downtown Bangkok. How nice is that! We usually dock at Laem Chabang which is a 2-3 hour ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 2nd 2015

After a 16 hour journey from Birmingham - Bangkok, Oliver and I arrived safe and sound 19.15 local time. The first night we spent on Bangkok 's famous Khaosan Road, full of bars, Street Venders and bustling vibe. The first meal we enjoyed is a famous Thai favourite, Pad Thai purchased from a street vender filling, tasty and cheap. We enjoyed a few beers and had a walk around the busy street before hitting the hey for a well needed sleep. Today we moved on from Khaoan Road further south towards the China Town District. Being very close to the Chao Phraya River it seemed acceptable to take the boat, a board a long boat crowded with, locals and tourists having a big pack proved to be a nuisance. Once stoop in a suitable place the ... read more
Khao San Road
Boat Trip
Boat Trip

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 1st 2015

The english phrase I have most commonly overheard when Thai people are talking to westerners is "Same same....but different!" Whether you are talking about food, taxi fares or anything as a matter of fact, you are guaranteed to hear this expression at least once per day. My bicycle ride from the northern border town of Chiang Kong to Bangkok has certainly been different and whilst the scenery may be similar to that of Laos, my cycle touring experience has been far from easy to say the least! Thank goodness I have travel insurance! My partner Noushin and I crossed the border into Thailand from the Laos town of Huay Xai. On arrival in Thailand we were welcomed into the country with a friendly smile from the Border Official and we immediately breathed a sigh of relief ... read more
Noushin at the Laos/ Thailand border
Our first Buddha statue in Thailand
Enjoying a lunchtime stop

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 26th 2015

Sååååå.. det var en lång flygtur.. Här var man vaken nästan hela natten för att ha en bra chans att sova på flygplanet. Fat chance. 11 timmar av stillasittande väntan och nickande med huvudet gjorde under för min redan ackumulerade sömnbrist. Framme kl 5 på morgonen och värmen hänger tung och fuktig utanför flygplatsen, trots nattemperatur. Vi tar en taxi till stan och gör en taxichaffis extra glad när vi missuppfattar priset på resan. Det där med thailändska siffror har inte riktigt fått tid att sjunka in, men det är okej när man är nybörjare. 180 kr för 1 h taxiresa, det bjuder vi på. Chauffören såg på oss och förstod på en gång att vi var på väg till khao san road, det populära backpackerdistriktet. Och rätt han hade. Vi checkade in billigt för ett ... read more
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