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May 28th 2005
Published: May 28th 2005
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Yes, we knew the girls would have some “one of a kind” experiences on an around the world trip. Keeping up with school work on the laptop is one thing… BUT, how many kids who are in a classroom can say they know how it feels to be sneezed on by an elephant. Poor "j" (the animal activist in the family) got a shock while feeding an elephant, who must have had the sniffles.

We were greeted in Bangkok by a driver who took us to the Mayfare Marriott apartments. It’s not only a beautiful newly built place for a family to have some room and catch up on laundry, but a great bargain. The brand new sky train is only a block away. We were able to get around very easily without having to fight the traffic.

Our dear friend Mahitorn (who worked with A while we lived in Asia ) picked us up to take us to breakfast and visit the Bangkok office. We are so fortunate to have wonderful friends like Mahitorn. We will never be able to repay his generosity and kindness. Mahitorn took us to his home and we enjoyed several meals with his
After the sneezeAfter the sneezeAfter the sneeze

j grossed-out!Notice how Allan is trying no to laugh.
family. His daughters are learning English in school. "a" and "j" were able to communicate with them by writing notes back and forth. We hope they will someday be able to travel to Florida for a visit so we can return the hospitality they showed us. They are truly ambassadors of Thailand and its’ friendly kind hearted people. No wonder Thailand is called The Land of Smiles!

On a typical hot and humid day, we set out on a day trip to Ayatthayu. It was the capital city for 400 years until it’s destruction in 1767. We saw the Bang Pain-In Palace, the Wat Chai Wattanaram and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet. Don’t worry, we can’t pronounce any of these either!
The Bang Pa-in Palace has a history that dates back to the 17th century. Many of the present day buildings date from 1800’s and include the reigns of Rama IV and Rama V. The Wat Chai Wattanaram is a replica or Angkor Wat, it was built in 1630 by King Prasat thong.

Bangkok held many surprises for all of us.
Dad was surprised by how much the new mass transportation system has helped the traffic and smog.
Mom found out that you can get a 60 minute foot massage for $10.
"a" was surprised to find that Thai food comes in 3 flavors Hot…Hotter…and Painful.
"j" probably had the biggest surprise of all, so she suggests when feeding an elephant make sure you don’t tickle his nose.

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Trane GirlsTrane Girls
Trane Girls

Mahitorn gave us all some of the latest trane shirts and hats.
Kids TableKids Table
Kids Table

The girls at dinner
Up, Up and AwayUp, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away

Mahitorn took this picture for us at the tallest building in Bangkok.

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