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August 16th 2015
Published: August 15th 2015
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Anthropomorphism gone terribly wrongAnthropomorphism gone terribly wrongAnthropomorphism gone terribly wrong

courtesy of my office door.
After two years of teaching English in Thailand, I recently hung up the mantle. It's time for a career shift.

For readers who don't know, English competency in Thailand is very low. According to the most recent English proficiency index, it's getting better. Previously, Thailand was ranked in the 50s of 63 among exciting household names like Libya, Iraq, and Kazakhstan. Despite improvement, the state of Thai English isn't exactly great, as these images will show. Teaching and learning a new language takes great effort, and sometimes stepping back and enjoying the mistakes is necessary. Let's share in the mistakes - some honest, some ill conceived - and enjoy the humor in the challenges of foreign language communication.

The content of this entry may not be appropriate for all audiences. Sexuality, profanity, racism, and violence (to meaning) are present. Likewise, there are trigger words that may cause flashbacks to failed middle school English exams and that period of your life where you questioned your gender.


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An honest mistakeAn honest mistake
An honest mistake

but a terrible menu choice
Inspirational notebook?Inspirational notebook?
Inspirational notebook?

or confusing declaration of personhood?
Half a pairHalf a pair
Half a pair

You don't even want to know what you have to do for two.
One has a dance...One has a dance...
One has a dance...

...the other one is firm. I mean has a firm!

Thai woman that Jewish mother's can approve of. Just don't tell them where you met her.
Correct, but copied...Correct, but copied...
Correct, but copied... my students. It was moral hazard having groups of students write original travel pamphlets, let alone about Bangkok.
In translationIn translation
In translation

self-deprecating Thai expression?
Beware your ice creamBeware your ice cream
Beware your ice cream

Obesity, diabetes, allergies, lactose intolerance... I can't stand the anticipation! Why do I need to beware?
I'm sensing a pattern hereI'm sensing a pattern here
I'm sensing a pattern here

Just when you get to the toilet stall and think you are safe.
But are you safe?But are you safe?
But are you safe?

And does it excuse missing so blatantly?
Beware your metaphors!Beware your metaphors!
Beware your metaphors!

They may cause colorful bowel movements and in worst cases death from lead poisoning. Also, be more careful with your attributions.
Poetic signPoetic sign
Poetic sign

The only thing that could make it better is having it read out-loud by William Shattner.
Woman FictionWoman Fiction
Woman Fiction

Special thanks to Rachel.

No really! It's essentially you reap what you sow. However, I don't think you'd sow a lot of good will while wearing this one.

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