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January 20th 2013
Published: January 20th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

A very quick entry to apologise to everyone for our lack of uodates. It'sbeen hard as we've constantly beeno n the move and witha broken laptop and ruvvish internet the workd is against me updating anything!

Anyway we lefy Australia two weeks ago and have since visited Singapore fot the night, getting a very luxurious bus to Kuala Lumpar the next day (They know how to treat their toursits!) We spent pne night in KL which we wereactually plesently suprised by.Our hostal was in a good area and we could walk and see alot of things. We didnt linger there though and moveed swifly on to Panang in Malaysia. We weren't as impressed with Penang as we thought we would be but it did the business and was a decent place to spend two nights and do some socialising.

Then off we went to Lankowi which is a wonderfulbeachside towm where there is barely a car or scooter in sight. Our hostel was terrible but the beach and wonderful sunsets more than made up for it. Then off we went back into Thailand. We have been looking forward to exploring south Thailand since we first came out and so far it hasnt dissapointed. With dwindling funds and pure laziness though we decided to see Koh Phi Phi and Koh lanta. Phi Phi was a beautiful usland where everyone partied long into the night and the place still lookled amzing the next day. We spent 3 nights in Koh Lanta at a hut on the beach. The ialand is calmer than phi phi and we just lazed on the beach and rented scooters to get around.

With ten days left to go we hope to pack in some more travel but who nows where to....

My time is running out so i have to fly. Update when i can soon!



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