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January 11th 2013
Published: January 11th 2013
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Bangkok – Kanchanaburi – Chiang Mai

This will be a short and sweet blog. We had two weeks in Thailand (because you only get 15 days when crossing a land border) that were spent in three different cities. We made crazy memories in Bangkok, got up close and personal with tigers in Kanchanaburi and brought in a new year in Chiang Mai. While our time was limited, we spent it wisely and saw some really fabulous parts of a country we would love to return to on another trip. There is so much to see in Thailand! The north is mountainous and scenic while the south has arguably the biggest party scene in the world. Full moon parties are absolutely bonkers! One day we might get to experience more but for now we got a wee sample.

We were surprised to see how little English was spoken in Thailand. After talking to a few other travellers about it Thailand seems to be working hard to retain their culture and heritage. They don't really want to be labelled as a party place but a beautiful country with much more to offer. There are laws about when alcohol can be sold, what proper clothing must be worn in temples etc. Unfortunately, Thailand might not be doing so well at upholding those laws in certain areas. That being said, there are many people who see Thailand for what it really is; they appreciate it's beauty and respect it's virtues as they are.

It is hard to get off the tourist trail in Thailand since it is the most visited country in Asia. All of the cities we went to were equipped with English menus, sports bars, western food, souvenir shops galore, and more. While you hear horror stories of people getting scammed or worse in Thailand we played it safe and did really well to avoid those dangers. Since Thailand is so used to western tourists, it was also rather pricy. Cheap backpackers like us had to haggle hard to get prices we found acceptable. Luckily the people were friendly and in the end everyone was happy - “good for me, good for you” as they say.

Overall, it was an awesome two weeks! Hopefully one day we will get down to those southern beaches everyone raves about. When that happens we will be happy to share every sandy and salty detail in our blogs :D Until then, we have another country to see... Laos!!

xoxo Ty+Becs


11th January 2013

Wow that was Aquino trip to Thailand too bad would have loved for you to have surprised my uncle however the door will be open for you next time ! Sitting at airport in departure lounge gonna hook up with "Dick n Piss" in a matter of hours. We will think and chat about you both often! Loads of love and cuddles. D & P xoxoxoxoxox

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