After 16 years....bye bye Asia...for now....

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June 27th 2012
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It was back in September 1996...yes...long time ago...I had my economics university degree from Louvain in my pocket...well kind proper work experience...well...kind of too.... First point to remember, I grew up in Luxembourg...this little wealthy country in the middle of Europe. Why is Luxembourg so great...because in Luxembourg people don't strike, people work....and ... Read Full Entry

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28th June 2012

Thanks for sharing a bit of your history...
it helps to get to know you better. And thanks for your wrap up of Asia. Have a great time in South American, and make sure you blog more than once per month. We like reading about your adventures.
28th June 2012
120 boxes later on....coming on this in a future blog....

One door closes...
...and another always opens. Hope you settle into a new part of the world with ease!
28th June 2012

PA, Leslie & Tiffany - best of luck with the next chapter of Life, exciting times ahead!! Keep travelling, keep smiling and don't stop dreaming! :-)
28th June 2012

Very Jealous!
I had figured you were off to somewhere but not 16 months with the kids too! Have a fabulous time and keep us up to date on where you are up to and what youre doing. tam
28th June 2012

Asia is my home, the world is my garden
Well--that says it all, doesn't it? Loved the time line. Your blogs always crack me up with a good use of humor. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed....glad you have the kids. We await your exciting South American adventures. Hopefully, our paths cross again soon.
28th June 2012

I understand that Luxembourg is a tax haven and a very rich country. Perhaps if some of the large companies operating in Britain paid their due tax to Britain instead of through tax dodging using Luxembourg, people in Britain might be a little more sanguine about austerity. However, good luck in your new life, hope it is rewarding and exciting, a wonderful opportunity for the children!
29th June 2012

Hi Bridget
When we speak of tax heaven...don't forget that people in Luxembourg do pay income tax...and not specially low ones. I do agree with your comment on "dodging" taxes....but that's clearly not what is making Luxembourg's way more than that...
28th June 2012

Hi, I was glad to see another email of your travels pop into my inbox, I always cherish reading them because I like vicariously through you, as I'm sure thousands of other people do too. :) Your can-do attitude has inspired me to take my 11yo daughter around the world for 4 months at the end of the year. Life is short, we don't know what's around the corner so now is the time to live. You don't know me, we've never met, but just wanted to say thanks for continuing to blog and I look forward to reading more of (our) life adventures. Cheers, Jan Australia
30th June 2012

Bon voyage Peter, Lesley & Tiffany...and don't forget to continue to smell the roses...ahh...another chapter in your life adventures awaits...hope its a cracker!
30th June 2012

The world is your garden - love it!
PA..I have always wondered about your story. How luck Leslie and Tiffany are to have a father who has not only the world as his garden, but the joy in life to go out and play in its jungles, what an amazing gift you are giving them. As a fellow explorer of the underwater gardens I often have read your blogs wondering..where did this lust for life start? Kai Tek airport LOL! The first place I lived out of Australia was in Kowloon in 1986 so I can feel how big a start out that would have been. Travel well and thank you...looking forward to more of your adventures.
17th July 2012

and one day...
....I will have you showing me or us...the best diving around day...
30th June 2012

Bye for now
I look forward to following your travels for the next year and a half. I also hate people who leave inappropriate comments without a name or email, cowards! The least they could do is own up to their comment so I could respond and we could discuss the topic like adults.
17th July 2012

Well...the best is most of the time comments are actually out of topic...on the personnal side...I know friends who have stopped to blog because of such silly comments...I won't...just make me want to give it a little zest of salt from time to time...
6th July 2012

Have fun can't wait to hear about the adventures.

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