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April 17th 2012
Published: May 6th 2012
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I don’t even know where to start with the robust variety of food choices in Bangkok. Food in Thailand is exciting, fresh and diverse.

There are lots of fabulous food choices all around. Like most Asian cities, there are tons of stalls set up on the street with local vendors ready to sell you grilled fresh fish, hot noodle soups or sliced mangos with chillies. Underneath every subway station and small alley way there are a number of vendors and small local shops selling fresh food. You need to be careful with some of these shops/vendors as food can be out in the heat and dust for hours on end. Be prepared for spicy fare with chillies in almost every dish.

Bangkok has a huge Japanese food influence. In all of the shopping malls you will find a variety of fast food chains, both Western and Asian. Coco Curry House, Moss Burger, Mister Donut, Beard Papa are just a few of the large number of Japanese fast food chains available for your dining pleasure. If you prefer western fast food, KFC, McDonalds’, Carl Jr’s, Krispy Kreme and Dairy Queen are just a few examples of familiar North American chains. We ate at both Japanese and western chains; KFC with a spicy chicken sandwich and Moss Burger (Shrimp Burger).

For higher end fare most of the hotels offer posh restaurants serving up any type of food you can think of. We went to the Banyan Tree hotel and dined at Vertigo. It’s a wonderful restaurant serving up excellent food. It’s pricy, but you get to sit on the 60th floor that overlooks Bangkok at night. Simply amazing, and a must if you are in Thailand.

Okay, now for the food. Thais, like Malay’s, Singaporeans and Indians LOVE spicy food. Main foods such as Pad Thai, soups, even salads, etc all have a variety of hot spices and chillies in their food. All of the fast food chains also offer up a spectrum of peppered food for consumption. The only food that’s really exempt to this is Japanese food.

Thai’s also love their sweets. There are as many dessert and sweets chains as there are regular food chains. Home made ice creams, iced coffees, donuts, waffles, mangos with sweet rice and coconut milk, etc, give the dessert connoisseur a plethora of choices for their pallet.

A few recommendations on food to try in Bangkok. Aside from the obvious; Thai food, you should absolutely try Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese food in Bangkok. The food is fantastic and there is a lot of choice. Try Indian food in Phahrat, the Indian market.

Definitely try the home made local ice cream. When we were at the floating markets, we tried the coconut ice cream. I can still taste this fresh, milky, sweet, fresh coconut delight. We also tried some fresh ripe mango with sticky rice and some coconut milk. Mind blowing, you have to try this.

If you love prawns/seafood, you will love Thailand. Many things are made from prawns and prawn paste is the base of a lot of food and soups.

On those hot days the best thing to drink is local brewed tea. It’s so refreshing and quenches your thirst better than water.

Bangkok is one of the best cities in to offer up a variety of food choices. You will love eating here….

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