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April 18th 2012
Published: April 19th 2012
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Okay, day 2 in Bangkok, now the real sight-seeing begins. We decided to plan our day to see the Wat Arun, Wat Phrao and the Grand Place. We set off by subway to Central Pier. In Bangkok the subway system is very good and efficient; however the older part of the city does not have a subway that goes there. I think historically Bangkok was really a water city, so anything near the river does not have a Metro or BTS. The subways are clean and easy to use. Unless you plan to do an extraordinary amount of travelling by subway it’s easier to buy single fair tickets rather than a weekly or day pass. As we have discovered Bangkok is a huge city and it’s hard to try and fit 5 of 6 things to do in one day without fully appreciating each and every place you visit. This includes shopping as well J

Our concierge at the hotel was excellent. She directed us to use this route as it would also give you a glimpse into the way Thai people live. From central pier take a ferry up to pier #8 Tha Tien for about 30 baht one way. Do not take a 1 hour canal tour to get there. You can buy the tickets right on the pier or when you get into the ferry.

The day was beautiful and sunny. The heat was just starting to set in around 10 am. The hottest parts of the day are from 10-4pm the sun can be unbearable without the proper hats and/or cool towels. If you don’t have a hat, bring an umbrella and you can use that to block the sun. The ferry ride was very calming and beautiful way to see parts of the city. One the way to the Grand Palace you can see on the left side Wat Arun, a beautiful wonder of architecture glistening in the sun. The structure is like Chichiniza but more narrow and detailed with ceramics and glass. Images of the Buddha and other creatures adorn the temple. You can get some good photos from the river when the sun is out.

From Tha Tien walk through a small market and you will see a large white building with a concrete fence around it. Take a right and you go to the Wat Phrao and left takes you to the Grand Palace.


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