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January 9th 2012
Published: January 9th 2012
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Well, its been a long seven days, but I've finally found myself awake, coherent, and sitting still in Bangkok. The first three days were tough. I was tired, jet lagged, and really just a wreck. I was on three hours of sleep from new years eve with a twenty-one hour trip ahead of me. The ride to my hostel was a quick wake up call to life in Bangkok. Speeding cars with no regard for lines in the road, endless streams or motorbikes and and Tuk-Tuks overtaking one another in the street. After settling down in hotel the adrenaline kicked in and with piss poor judgment I headed out to Koh San Road for the night.

Koh San Road in my eyes can best be described as New Orleans Bourbon Street on Crack. Its a non-stop in your face party where of course, none of the locals go, but for tourists, its the place to be. Travelers of all nationalities coming together to do one thing and one thing only; Party hard. Because of this, along with the lack of sleep, for the next two days it was as if I was dead. I was jet lagged to the point where I didn't want to move so I layed around and I rested.

Finally I recovered and it was time to see Bangkok. From speaking with other backpackers it seemed as though Bangkok to many is seen as a hub. Not many stay here for more than two days at a time as you usually end up back here while passing on to somewhere else. Me, I was in and around Bangkok for seven days before moving on to Myanamar.

So I set out with some friends I had met and we decided to check out Chinatown and a few of the Wats (Temples) in the area. Bangkok is set along the Chao Phraya River so one of the more convenient ways to travel is by boat. For 15 Baht ($1 USD = ~31 Baht) you can go anywhere along the river.We got off the boat and found our way to the market which just like any other Chinatown, is full of bags, electronics, food, food, and more food. We enjoyed meandering the streets, eating, and exploring. After some time we found out way to our first Wat. Inside sitting there was one of them many Golden Buddhas in Thailand. Buddhists had come there to pray, while tourists had come to take pictures. It was an interesting mix as I expect much of the temples around Asia to be this way.

After Chinatown we made our way back up the river and found a spot to drink and rest. It was myself, a guy from Spain, a girl from Vancouver, and a girl from Switzerland enjoying an afternoon beer and Pad-Thai on the water. Nothing could have started the trip better.

After three days in Bangkok I decided to take a trip out of the city. I left my stuff in Bangkok and packed up a small bag with the idea to stay the day night in the city of Ayyuthia. Ayyuthia is a city two hours north of Bangkok. Originally the first capital of Thailand it is home to and UNESCO World Heritage Site; ruins that were destroyed by the Burmese during one of their wars (sorry I forget which war).

In Ayyuthia I met Terom from Finland and his girlfriend. We spent the day together exploring the ruins. Two months ago when Thailand was suffering from major flooding Ayyuthia was the hardest hit city. Because of this, we were unable to get close to many of the ruins. After spending the day site-seeing we headed back to the town center for a beer. There I met two girls, one from the USA and one from Ireland who were on a four month contract teaching English in the city. They convinced me to spend the night, and enjoy the nightlife that the city has to offer, so I did.

Back in Bangkok I made my way to the Kings Palace one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok. Flooded with locals and tourist there to all see and pray to the Emerald Buddha. It was there that I met two girls, one from the States and one from Holland. The two of them like me, were headed to Myanmar on Tuesday though on different flights. We spent the day together combining our information for Myanmar while site-seeing.

After the Great Palace the three of us headed to the State Theater to see a performance by a Thai Dance Company. While beautiful to watch, what we though would be an hour long performance soon turned into and hour and a half; then two hours; then two and a half hours; we left early.

Today I'm in Bangkok resting up with a list of things to take care of. There is still one more Wat I would like to see, I need to do a laundry, and find a shuttle that will get me to the airport tomorrow. I have a reservation for my first hostel in Myanmar but the rest is up in the air. One thing I know is that the internet in Myanmar is pretty bad, so don't expect another entry in the next two weeks as I plan to be there for about 17 days. I'll be in touch though.

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9th January 2012

Hi Nate! I\'m so glad that you\'re having such a great time, and taking time to rest! Really enjoying reading your experiences, keep em coming!
9th January 2012

Nate, Happy New Year! We miss you at EisnerAmper but I'm sure you don't miss the grind. I am still amazed you did this but reading your Keep it beautiful. I love the pepper women photos just hearing your story in general. Watch out, Jack Kerouac... :)
10th January 2012

Thanks for posting pictures, I am living vicariously through your adventure. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear the many stories you will have. Try to get to meet with the people of the country to get a better feel of life. Enjoy! love you mom

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