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April 26th 2009
Published: April 26th 2009
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So I've just spent 6 days in Bangkok and its been really great! We went to see the grand palace which was so beautiful and big! But also really really hot! Took loads of pictures but the internet here is a bit slow to upload them so you will have to wait for that! Then went to see Wat Pho which is the temple of the reclining buddha which is the largest temple in bangkok and the buddha measures 48 metres long and is completly covered in gold leaf except the bottom of the feet which are covered which has deisgns made out of pearl. Saw Wat Sutat ( Giant Swing) but all that is left now is the arch this swing used to be used for a rice harvest ceremony in which young men would be suspended 80 metres into the air and swing and try and catch a bag of silver coins with their teeth! But due to injuries and even deaths they have now stopped this ceremony! Also went to Wat Saket known as the Temple of the Golden Mount after climbing up the 318 steps in the blazing sun you get an amazing view of the whole of Bangkok so definately worth all the steps! We also went on the top terrace but didnt last very long as you have to take your shoes off and i can't begin to describe how hot the floor is! but its definately great!!! We also took a river taxi to have eat dinner on the 8th floor of this hotel ( a dinner that cost around 6-7 pounds) there we sat on the terrace and had a view of the river, sunset and a big chunk of bangkok! Yesterday we went to the weekend market which has around 15,000 stalls, trust me you can find ANYTHING in this market it is unbelievable and also the heat in there is just insane but definately a place to see! today taking a 16 hour train journey down to the south Hat yai! Till then!!!!


26th April 2009

Busy bee
Sounds like u've been havin loads of fun, And the Buddha sounds incredible. What did u get from the market? And if u're not uploading the pics now then WHEN r U? I'm in desperate need of seeing them. Hope u're having as much fun as it seems u are miss u xxxxxxxxx

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