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July 13th 2008
Published: July 13th 2008
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Oh, it seems like just yesterday I was packing my little dictionary and thesaurus so when I sat down to write on this blog I could be thoughtful, maybe even poetic. However, I did not expect that the keyboard would also have symbols not known to me and I would be so tired that I swear I hear water running but I know it can't be water because I'm in a computer lab.

I'm too tired to even try to write paragraphs so I'm taking the easy road and going with bullets. Be prepared, this may be the new pattern for the next six weeks.

- We arrived in Bangkok today at 12:30PM after three flights, totaling 26 hours. The flights were all fantastic and does not seem as brutal as you think. The food however was unidentifiable, so the peanut MMs I bought at CVS played a much bigger role in this trip than I had anticipated.

- After long passport lines, customs and money exchange we were off to our guest house "Rambuttri Village". (Baan Chantra had no rooms available). We were let out on Khoan San Road and thanked our taxi driver. The heat was unbearable and we walked around with our backpacks on for 20 minutes before we found our hotel. Not officially here for 2 hours and ready to say see you later to the backpack.

-We were too excited to stay put so after buying some much needed water we took off to walk the streets. We eventually ate, went to a temple and then took a tuk tuk to another temple. It was supposedly some birthday and if you touched the feet of the Buddhist it would be good luck. So, there we went shoeless to the foot of this enormous Buddha and as you touch the feet, minus the thumbs, the gold flakes remain on your fingers and then you wipe them on your forehead. I'm really not sure if this is making any sense, so you'll need to be very forgiving.

I'm giving up, can't write any more. I'll see how long it takes to get some pictures up here. There is no spell check, so PLEASE, just let it slide!

Till next time
Thai Kho

Additional photos below
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Tuk TukTuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk

No seatbelts, no doors, no windows. Just hold on tight and don't look. The ride cost 60 baht, water cost 70 baht. $1=35 baht
Selling StuffSelling Stuff
Selling Stuff

If I knew she would remain in that exact position for the remainder of the meal I never would have taken her picture. Lesson learned.

This one is for you Mike. RIP Boy
Temple 1Temple 1
Temple 1

Service was going on inside

We could have helped the monks make these candles, but we were getting travel advice from Waicha, a new friend.
Birthday BuddhaBirthday Buddha
Birthday Buddha

View from the foot of the Buddha
Birthday BuddhaBirthday Buddha
Birthday Buddha

I'm sure all the good luck from touching the feet of this Buddha have been wiped away with me cursing about still being covered in golden flakes.

13th July 2008

What Day Is It
Hi, Well you made it there, I knew you would. Does it seem real yet??? Sounds like an interesting first day . It is only a sign of what is yet to come. Enjoy and stay safe. Can't wait for the next blog. Love Lucille
13th July 2008

What Day Is It?
HI, Jsut had to let you know I read your blog then one from Eric and Steph that was done before your and you both had the same title. What Day Is It? Have you been in communication and talking and planned this or what??????? I thought I was seeing things. It goes to show if it was not planned that great friends really do think alike., no matter where they are. Just had to let you know. Let me know if this was planned or just by vibes or something. Love Lucille
13th July 2008

Sister sigh of relief
Well I'm breathing again now that you are at least on the ground. Although I do believe you could get some of these same pictures in Chinatown right down Route 93 but I'll let it pass for now. Thanks for the email and the blog update. You have kept your promise so far - hate promise breakers!!! We miss you and love you! Have fun and be very safe!
13th July 2008

It´s Sunday, I think
It´s great to read your blog now you´re finally underway - you seem very excited - Spelling is rubbish though! ( just joking!) Homeland items: 1. Remember to argue about prices - you need to find out from people how much standard things should cost now and be willing to bargain for everything: from hotels, to water, tuk tuk rides to stuff your ´´friend´´ was selling. If you take a picture of someone it might cost you on the Khou San road! 2. Be polite but firm if you don´t want something!! Khop Khun Khap for the cat pic! Remember: My Kow Jai! Hurray, she´s away! can´t wait to read more! mike
13th July 2008

I'm so glad you made it! I don't think I could last 26 hours on a flight with my jumpy legs....Get some rest, be safe, and have fun!!!! Until next time, Your bbf...Cheryl
13th July 2008

You made it!
You write as a seasoned blogger! Your passages are full of description and colorful, humorous detail... I am impressed! It seems as though both you and Eric/Stephanie have lost track of time, a true mark of a world traveler. I am so excited to hear of your adventures. You have seemed to accomplish a lot in such a short time. I can't wait for more. Please make sure we see you in some pictures.. I would have loved to have seen your forehead covered in gold flakes! Be safe and write often.
13th July 2008

Thank God
Kristin, I am so happy you arrived safely. Remember what I said, " You better not ever complain about flying to NJ. " Take care and please be careful. I am praying for you everyday. Carol
13th July 2008

Hi there; glad you arrived safely. Love the pics. Can't believe it took so long and that the food was not to good. By the way how is the place that you're staying. Well get some rest and look forward to hearing more about your travel. Love ya.
13th July 2008

This is Awesome
I am going to enjoy reading this blog of yours! I hope you're having a great time.......heard you had some visitors from New Jersey this past week. My mother was so determined to get there and of course I just started working that week. Be safe and thinking of your exciting trip - not sure about next year!!!
13th July 2008

Yea! Kristin!! I am so excited for you. You are a trailblazer, and I am going to enjoy living vicariously through you over the next weeks or so. Be careful, take many pictures, and keep up the bullet blogs! I like 'em... your quick wit and character is not lost!!! :) Missing you!! Camille
13th July 2008

Happy you made it safely!
Kristin I hope you get some sleep! I am glad you made it there safely. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. Miss you already!
13th July 2008

You made it!!!
I was thinking about you last night. I am glad that your flight was good, and you made it safe. I miss you! Hope you have a great adventure.
14th July 2008

Glad you made it there safely!!! I miss you already!! Please be careful!! Love Kerry :)
14th July 2008

14th July 2008

u made it!
Hey Kristin-have fun and I can't wait to read your next blog! Be safe!
16th July 2008

Remember do NOT sit on any toilets!!!!,,,hahaha have fun
16th July 2008

Thanks for the pictures
Hi Kristen, I am so exicted for you. Thanks for doing this blog and including me. I feel like I am there, but sitting at home. The pictures of the temple and the Budda are beautiful. I can't wait to see more of your journey. Stay safe!! Love, Bonnie
16th July 2008

Thanks for joining Bonnie! Hope you are enjoying your summer.
16th July 2008

Hey, any word on where you'll be next year? I still don't know but I'm hoping to be at the Brooks. I really hope to hear soon. Thanks for joining!

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