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December 29th 2007
Published: January 11th 2008
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Temple GuardTemple GuardTemple Guard

Quite a menacing geezer
I decide to do some tourist-y activity today and choose the Grand Temple and reclining buddah as they are a walk away from where im staying. Its an absolute scorcher today, but I wear long trousers cause its required to get into the grounds of the temple. The attractions themselves are spectaular and it amazes me the time that must have gone nto making and panting the huge temples, as they are covered in individualy cut pieces of coloured tile and mirrors. They are being restored in places with a team of painters carefully retouching the gold paint on the giant wall painting, which depicts a huge battle. There are giant dogs getting over the city walls, and I wonder why they chose to tell the story like that, its not like they couldnt have said they had big dragons, or maybe some sort of fire breathing chicken... perhaps that would have been too hard to paint... anyway, i digress - the reclining Buddah is massive, and gold. The Buddah in this position is chilled out because it has achieved its goals, or enlightment. We are ushered around it, and everyone has their digital cameras which, for me, deminishes the sanctity
The dogs bo**cksThe dogs bo**cksThe dogs bo**cks

A tiny part of the war scene depicted on the walls at Grand Temple
of the whole place. Im angry to see some tourists trying to chip some mother of pearl from an elephant on one of the walls, I feel like chipping a bit off them, but in the prescence of the Buddah, im sure Karma will mean that they'll get their comuppance!
I get out of the hustle and bustle of the attractions and watch some thai guys play football volleyball they are really skilled and I suspect a couple might be thai boxers cause they're kicking head height. I sit at a bar and remind myself that i need to take it easy in this heat by getting a cold beer. A poor man comes by and gestures that he would like a drink, I offer him some and without hesitation, in less than 10 seconds he canes the whole pint bottle! he gasps and stumbles away, and i dont mind at all. Again, Karma seems to have played its part, cause later I see him lying on a bench looking mashed up.
I go back to Ko San and meet a guy named George, a big aussie guy who looks like a fat version of Adam from work its a
Restoration Restoration Restoration

Only another millions tiles to polish girls, chop chop!
bit wierd actually. his girlfriend Noon joins us, she is from Lao. I see an american couple struggling to shake off the street sellers and decide to share my new found language with them. Naturally I join them for a drink or five, beore Rahul has to carry Johanna home - its funny, shes like a typical american drunken college girl, stumbling around and giggling. Its getting dark and the night scene picks up, I meet Greg, a clubber type wearing a Pacha tshirt. Me, greg and two girls Verityand Emma, who teachin Cambodia go to Gullivers bar, dance and drink more.... this drinking lark is getting familiar.

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Chill Winstan Chill Winstan
Chill Winstan

The Reclining Buddah, looks like he's met the man with the Golden gun.
Oo to be a GunnerOo to be a Gunner
Oo to be a Gunner

the cannon was made in England!
Eat your heart out Beckham Eat your heart out Beckham
Eat your heart out Beckham

Thai guys enjoy the day in the sun.
On the lashOn the lash
On the lash

Me greg, noon, emma and verity.
Me et Be BeMe et Be Be
Me et Be Be

Me and the charistmatic street seller Be Be, who was a darling and played a mean game of Thumb Wars!
Sharing the lingo Sharing the lingo
Sharing the lingo

The moment I meet Rahul and Johanna, caught by George.

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