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May 6th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Ok son one thing to look out for in Bangkok is the scammersThey are everywhere! Do not trust anyone! We headed out on our second day to see the Grand Palace and Reclining Buddah to be confronted by god knows how many guys, girls and kids who were trying to scam us. We got sktyrain and boat over to them via market to get new new flip flops as new sandals killed my feet lol, the jouney was really nice and i would def recommend boat to anyone as really nice way of seeing some of Bangkok. Once arrived everyone asks you where you are goin and once you say Grand Palace they tell you it is closed but they can recommend somewhere else so that they can take you in their transport or tell you to take tuk tuk to somewhere far away to make money-its all scams! They tell you anything so they will make money, we were even told by a man in a police uniform that we should take tuk tuk to somewhere else (he then gets commission off of driver) we were also tols that by a 'teacher' its shocking! We luckily had our best friend Charlie with us (our lonely planet guide of Southeast Asia-the best purchase we ever made!) who told us all about these people so we knew not to listen! Once at Grand Palace you have to cover your shoulders, unfortunately i did not have a top which done so so i have to borrow a 'lovely' huge creamy coloured shirt from them to enter-i recommend you take ur own as they are not flattering ornice in any way! lol! We then walked over to enterance to be told we would need to come back in hours time as closing for lunch so we decided to head to reclining buddah which was amazing to say the least! A huge gold statue of a buddah lying to the side, what a sight-go and see if you are ever in Bangkok-fantastic! Once we seen that we decided just to head home as quite tired and seriously sweaty (nice image i know lol) so we walked back to boat whilst being constantly buggedby street sellersto buy somethings off them, we boarded the busy boat and headed back to town only to get off at wrong stop (one too early) and have to walk tio next skytrain which was luckily not too far away, we then got this back to the correct stop and headed back to hostel to relax for couple of hours. Once we done this we then headed hout with Raj to get some food and to go to night market! It was great, we also got some passport pics take for our visas in Cambodia, it was amazing-the woman actually took our pics then touched them up for us, she made Raj about 3 shades lighter than she was-so funni! Nways we got some food at night market which had great atmosphere and walked around market then chilled out with a drink watching another boy band and some singers and dancers! We then made our way back to hostel to catch some sleep as getting up at 6.30 next morning to head to Cambodia!
The food in Bangkok is very nie, at first you are not sure wether to buy off of street sellers but do, you will get some tasty dishes! They are also very hygienic and clean despite what they look like so go for it! Although i do warn they are all quite spicy! 😊


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