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February 6th 2007
Published: February 6th 2007
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Hey all,
Made it safe and sound in Bangkok about an hour ago. It's 7am here so have to wait till 10 before I can check in. Not much to report on at the momemt as was still dark when I arrived. Still managed to see 3 trucks driving past with people hanging on all over the place and tied to the side on there way to the fields the taxi driver said. Noticed the poverty right away as well, the little hut things they live in are good to have a look at. There is some close to the place I'm at, which is very nice, so might have a wonder down soon.
Thats it for now and I'll put some photos up latter..


6th February 2007

live; laugh; enjoy
Good luck and keep safe. Live on the wild side and don't miss out on anything. Life is one big wild adventure - soak it all in and enjoy. Get lost and experience the world. Best Wishes, Meg and Tim
7th February 2007

Glad ya made it over alright Slugs. How ya goin with the heat? Been crook yet? Dont eat shit off the streets and dont drink them Thai whiskey Buckets cause they F#@k ya. Righto big fella. Live it up but keep ya whits about ya and dont let the little barsteds rip ya off. Skys the limit! Tommo
14th February 2007

GDAY soldier!pleased to see you off on a giant adventure...Only today is certain.We're not guaranteed tomorrow.Plan for tomorrow.But live for today...have a splendid time young man,say yes to every crazy adventure so you have lots of exotic tales to tell us..keep in touch..oh yeah and if you dont have your health you have nothing and mum cant come help you half way round the world!!so look after yourself..cheers mate XXX

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