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April 23rd 2020
Published: April 23rd 2020
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From 2012. Having done a fair amount of travel around the world, some of the fruit on this list were new to me as well. Of course, the mighty durian is on the list. Sheri loves it, as do most Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, and New York Chinese. It is, however, the Achilles heel of Mr. Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel. He has not tried it thrice, and spit it out thrice!!! The last try was in NYC's Chinatown, where the cost was probably between $50-100 per fruit!!!! It is said they sell 200 fresh durian a day there! Personally, some of the fruit on this list are quite good, some are new to me, and some look absolutely horrid. You decide! 10. Kiwano It sounds like someone's last name. It is a relative of the melon AND the cucumber, and is native to New Zealand. I recall seeing it at the flea market in Christchurch. Hopefully the last earthquake there wiped out the remaining kiwano crop. They say it is best served in a fruit salad, with lots of fruit that you recognize and like.<br style="-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;" /> 9. Dragon Fruit I like the name more than anything, including the fruit itself. It really does not have much taste, but is so interesting to look at. It is hard to pass up on those huge SE Asian hotel buffets. From the outside, it looks like a flame. Most of us do not know this fruit originated in Mexico. In reality, it is the fruit of a cactus, and is also known by another name, Pitaya. 8. Durian This fruit tastes like it smells, that of a cross between stinky sweat socks and rotten onions. But its name is "The King of Fruits." It can be purchased locally, though at a premium. It can also be purchased in smaller portions as frozen fruit, or in cakes and cookies if you are really in need of a fix. They all make me gag. On Malaysian farms, the underside of the durian tree is fitted with a net so the fruit is not damaged when it falls off of the tree. You will be evicted from public transportation or the hotel if you bring a durian into the area. BTW, Sheri loves durian, as did my Mom. 7. Buddha's Hand The Hand is a citrus fruit, with little fruit in the awful looking fingers. Perhaps it has arthritis? But people use them to "perfume" a room, rather than eat what little fruit is contained inside. When desperate, the fingers can be cut off and used to flavor fish or placed in salads. I have never seen this fruit, and I guarantee you it does not look at all like Buddha's hand! It looks more like a chicken foot, which is not my favorite snack! 6. Passion Fruit A great name for a rather ordinary fruit, in my experience. I have eaten it all over the world, and it is always the same. Very little fruit, somewhat like a tart and citrus-like apple. The juice is much better, especially when combined with papaya or guava juice. To quote Willie, "much ado about nothing!" BTW, this is Barry the V's favorite for making smoothies! 5. Screw Pine Also known as Panda's anus. It is used for dyes as well as food. I have never seen it, nor want to. 4. Rambutan Some think it looks like a vegetarian testicle, or red hairy ball. It tastes much like a lychee, and has the same texture. I actually like these. They make a great martini, and the seeds are often roasted and eaten (the seeds are poisonous if eaten raw). They are inexpensive in SE Asia, and make a nice palate cleanser after trying the durian. I like it, but do not like peeling it open! 3. Akebia Quinata The flowers are actually chocolate scented. The stem of the plant is used as a diuretic and contains potassium. The white sausage-shaped pods are filled with the goo that is eaten. Speaking og goo, how about some goo-gone? 2. Atemoya It looks a lot like the cherimoya, since it is a hybrid of the sugar apple and cherimoya. They say it tastes like a pina colada with vanilla. The seeds are poisonous, but get this! The flowers are female between 2pm and 4 pm, but on alternating days, from 3pm to 5pm, they are male. Totally weird, man! Belongs in a botannial circus, I say. 1. Snakeskin Fruit Pinching the end forces the skin to slough off. So, it does resemble its name. Then it begins to resemble garlic! The fruit is actually sweet and slightly acidic. I have never seen this, nor want to. It looks frightening, no matter how good it tastes. So, no more complaints about everyday fruit like apples, bananas, melons, citrus and stone fruit. Just be glad we have such great fruit here in California. If you can find one more bizarre than these, share!


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