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October 21st 2019
Published: October 21st 2019
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Rested as much as ever yesterday and slept pretty good too. Even for an easy day off, I still logged 8.5 miles, mostly from the biking, assuming it was logging that correctly. Now to blast through this week and see what improvements can be made. So far, the running has increased, and who knows what today will start off with. It will also be interesting to see who is at the gym. I heard that the other fighter, Satanfaa was in Cambia over the weekend fighting, and I think he went by himself.. hopefully he did well.

Lunch Break! Finished one more morning session. Today as I walked in I was amazed to see someone else running. I got to the gym and dropped my stuff and Ajahn was there bright and early to great me. He reminded me to use the yellow liniment before I ran. Yeah that is just what I need to motivate me to run 11 laps this morning. It burns just enough to get you moving to try and run away from the intensity. The good thing is that with all enjoyable feelings that go with running, it just blends in with everything else until the rivers of sweat was it away. The other foreigner ran like a cheetah, he passed me twice. Still 10 minutes jump rope after the run, then ready for pad work. I did one round of shadow boxing to warm up in the ring. Then the training started. Four solid rounds today, almost the full length through all. Each round including the “10” machine gun punches, and a series of kicks. This time, instead of just 10 in a row, it was followed immediately by a set of 5 kicks, then 2 in a row. That earned a small catch-your-breath break and a pad to the gut, then the combinations continued from there. Jab, cross, hook, cross, jab hook 2 then 4 then 6, then kicks for power, and left and right knees, and elbows. its hard not to get winded after those long sequences, and when I am, Ajahn does get a laugh out of it. Following the pad work, it was next bag work. Today was a few rounds on the heavy bag with Ajahn watching and correcting. I between he’d grab some gloves and I would knee those. Of course if my hands weren’t right, I get a glove to the ribs. Good old fashion training without the slightest hint of political correctness Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The afternoon arrival walk found a couple of others already running! I dropped my gear, Ajahn checked to see that I greased up with the liniment, and off I went. I was only told to do 5 laps, but feeling pretty good, I said I’d do 6. I thought that would reduce some of the 15 minute jumprope time, but who am I kidding. I was afraid I was having heat stroke because the runner in the distance had the same gait, look, and cammo shorts as Tall Dave. Once he was back at the gym, he really did look more like him than I expected. The one other guy running still had his man-purse with him on the run. I think he just kept running, he never turned up at the gym that I saw. And there was one other guy who must have been jumping rope for 25 minutes. Some electrical maintenance going on so it was working out on the floor mats today. My feet are feeling it now. Tonight’s focus followed up on the morning knee work. Before pads went on, I did one round of knees on the bag while Ajahn was working with Jomhod with boxing. Then, we did at least 3 minutes of nothing but knees into the pads. Doesn’t sound bad until he keeps yelling “Power!” after ever one. That was the warmup. It was 4 rounds on the pads at even higher intensity than the morning. I was keeping pace really well and felt great. It was by far the hardest workout yet. tomorrow is another day, and we’ll see if the intensity can be matched or if it was just due to having the extra time off. Sorry, no pictures today.


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