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July 13th 2019
Published: July 13th 2019
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In the beginning I was quite skeptical about Thailand in general, after years of traveling, the last place you want to go is one of the most crowded countries in the world with tourists. But I actually fell in love with this country and city, and won’t even mind going back one day.

Bangkok is the starting point for many tourists exploring the Indochina tourist trail. Thus one of the reasons why Bangkok has so many tourists each year, aside from the fact that Bangkok is indeed a great place for those who loves travelling.

Being not a big fan of big cities, I actually end up liking Bangkok. Especially the area I was staying near Lumpini park, because of the park itself and a small food market nearby with good and cheap Thai foods and fruits.

Top things to see in Bangkok, Thailand

Let’s start from the places I liked the most, maybe they are not the most popular or famous but it’s even better.

Lumpini park

I stayed near the park and it’s just a 10 minute walk. I liked it from the moment I saw huge lizards walking around or chilling in the water. The park is very nice, green, with two lakes and playgrounds.

Good place to escape city noise and midday heat or go for an evening run.

I rented a swan-boat (40 Baht/$1 + 40 deposit) and paddled around the lake for 30 minutes. Interesting view on the city from the water. While paddling, I saw many small turtles and some big fish. Except for the already mentioned wildlife in the park, you can see many different birds and squirrels. The entrance is free of charge, and the park is open from early morning till 9pm everyday.

Bangkok Art and Culture Center

I love this kind of modern art spaces, with big empty halls, a lot of natural light, minimalist design, ready to be filled with arty artifacts. The center is quite big with many halls, huge spiral

staircase, some restaurants and souvenir shops. All kinds of installation and performances will look very harmonic here. The exposition is temporary and is changed from time to time, once in 3-6 months. The entrance is free, opening hours from 9am to 9pm.

It’s located right in front of the MBK center.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

I love markets, especially ones with food! There are so many interesting exotic things to try! From the name, is quite clear that the market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am to 6pm. Here you can find basically anything from clothes to souvenirs, from books to food.

My favorite was the gastronomic part with all the durian ice creams, fried squid’s eggs, giant prawns, chicken kebabs and many other delicious foods to try and taste. To get there is easy, Chatuchak park station is right at the market.


Every single city in South East Asia (and some countries in the west and east) has its own Chinatown, and Bangkok is not an exemption.

The area wakes up after sunset; with lights, music, food stands and cafes opened till late night. Nice place to walk with the vibrant city streets. Try out some Chinese delicacy and watch master chefs juggling knives and cooking seafood in splashing pans and pots. Food prices vary from 50 to 200 Baht/$1.5-$5. The nearest metro station is Hua Lamphong, but you will have to walk for about 20 minutes.

Little India

Like Chinatown, you can also find some places that resembles India. It has some temples, Indian food and clothes shops and street food stands.

The most interesting for me was the Sikh temple Sri Guri Singh, where if you come in the morning you can get free Indian food for breakfast. It’s quite common for Sikhs temples (gurudwaras) everywhere. Unlike neighboring Chinatown, Little India is very quiet at nighttime. All stands and cafes closes early and it is not the best place for a night walk.

Wat Pho Temple

One of the main attractions in Bangkok and definitely worth visiting is the Wat Pho. The entrance fee is not that expensive, it just costs 100 Baht/$3.

Absolutely magnificent complex, very elaborated with many temples, towers, Buddha statues, gardens etc. Can easily spend a couple of hours wandering around and admiring its beauty. By the way the famous reclining Buddha ‘lays’ here in the main temple.

Grand Palace

I just saw it only from the outside, but it looked impressive. The palace was out of my budget. The entrance fee costs 500 Baht/$14. If you decide to go inside, you should wear proper clothing; no short skirts/shorts allowed. And it is open from 8am to 4pm. And it is just a 5 minutes walk from Wat Pho temple.

Golden Mountain

The Golden mountain has a great view from the top. It is different from other temples because it has many bells and gongs you can ring and bang. On the top, there is a temple and a viewpoint with free wi-fi. In case you need to post some photos on your page or check in. The entrance fee is only 20 Baht/$0.5.

Marble temple

This temple is very lovely and small temple in traditional Thai style with one difference, the entire building is made of marble. It is made from real Italian Carrara marble. It looks very fragile and refined with its snow white marble walls, terracotta roofs and golden ornamentation. The entrance fee is just 20 Baht/$0.5.

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall

It is not far from the Marble temple and it is very different from the other sights in Bangkok. It absolutely has a western architect style, I’d say Renaissance. Looks like an alien, some giant hand took it from its place somewhere in Italy and placed it there.

I didn’t go inside since I got there way past the visiting time. The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30am until 4pm, the entrance fee is 50 Baht/$1.5.

And now, the endless Wats of Bangkok.

Wat Saket

Right next to the Golden Mountain, it is a typical Thai temple, with beautiful and in perfect condition. It was probably just renovated and with spacious yard. Good for taking photos. There’s no entrance fee.

Wat Suthat Thepwararam

Some parts are currently on maintenance. The main temple is quite impressive, with huge building and massive windows and doors. All decorated with golden ornamentation.

At the main entrance, you can get a free cool drinks or water.

I saw some food stands but too shy to ask for free, there were mostly monks eating, maybe it’s their canteen so I didn’t bother doing the thing that came to my mind haha.

Standing Buddha

Wat Intharawihan or Wat Intharawihan is a Third Class Royal wat (temple) located in the Phra Nakhon District of Bangkok, Thailand.

It is very famous in Bangkok due to its 32 meters (105 ft) high standing Buddha which is also known as Luang Pho To or "Phra Si Ariyamettrai" that was erected on the inspiration of the still highly revered abbott Ajarn Toh, one of the most widely known monks during the Rattanakosin period ruled under King Rama.

Wat Hua Lamphong

I went past this temple every day on the bus and every time I get pass this temple, I always wanted to jump off and have a closer look. On my last day in Bangkok, Thailand, I finally went there! The place is very beautiful, especially the pavilion. It has white color with some decorations and sculptures that looks like a huge meringue.

Of course, there are hundreds of places, palaces and temples to see in Bangkok and I only mentioned a part of it. How much of Bangkok you’ll be able to see depends on the time you have but I would definitely recommend you to spend 3 or 4 days in the city.

Infamous Khao San road

To be honest I didn’t like this area at all, looks like a tourist ghetto with all these fried scorpions and cockroaches that nobody eats in Thailand except for tourist, sellers, people trying to put a snake or monkey on you for the photo, annoying taxi drivers and so on.

If you are into party and the things that I’ve mentioned above, then Khao San road is the right place for you. Just forget about sleeping there at night since it’s too noisy and almost every building is a bar or a club.

The best thing about Khao San is its location, it is just a walking distance from the main attractions in the city.

Shopping malls

Bangkok is a great place for shopping; several huge malls with hundreds of shops where you can get literally anything from the newest tech products to silk scarfs and local sweets.

MBK shopping center is the most famous mall in Bangkok. And in my opinion, it’s a bit chaotic with all sorts of random shops. It almost looks like a market under the roof than a modern mall, and it is not easy to get out!

Two things I liked about the mall though is; first, if you are a foreign tourist (need to show your passport), you can go to the fifth floor in the Food court and you can get a free cool drink, which is the Thai cold tea. Second, when you go to the fourth floor near the escalator, you can buy delicious fresh baked Thai sweets. A thin waffles that has soft meringue inside!



It’s a modern shopping mall with original concept that has many big brands that can be found here, plus big variety of food restaurants and cafes. It is located across the street from MBK.

Basically from street Ploenchit to the stadium to Lumpini park and so on is a big shopping mall, and shopaholics will be satisfied when staying in this area.

Accommodations in Bangkok

There are hundreds of budget accommodation options in Bangkok and if you want to make sure you choose the right one, do a quick google search about the best hostels in Bangkok and you will surely find some interesting and lovely place with very cheap prices.

I stayed at four different places and three of them are on the same street; near Lumpini park and one at Ratchaprarop station. Contrary to my previous trip in Singapore, here in my Bangkok trip, I have decided to casually jump to other hostel/guesthouse/inn or any short-term rental accommodations to help other property owners to get some income.

First, I stayed in Home Hug Hostel. I stayed there for two nights. The price is 200 Baht/$5.5 for a bed in a dorm. It’s a very nice place; a friendly staff and the dorm was spacious, with big window. Other dorms were quite small and no windows. Also, there’s AC everywhere. Toilet and hot shower on each floor. There’s breakfast (just toast, jam, tea/coffee) as well and a very good wi-fi and a free drinking water. There’s a kitchen with microwave and kettle as well. And it’s just a 5 minutes walk from Rajprarop MRT station and easy to get from Suvarnabhumi airport by train for 40 Baht/$1.25.

Second place was Miggy Guesthouse. A very nice place. If only it hadn’t been always fully booked, I would have stayed here longer. Rooms are quite big with AC and ensuite bathroom. It has a hot shower and a small fridge too! The wi-fi is quite fast as well. The staffs are very friendly and they are very helpful as well.

It is located in a new part of the city, near Lumpini MRT station, Soi Si Bamphen street. For my room, I paid 400 Baht/$11.

After two days, I then moved out from Miggy Guesthouse to the next place, which is called Mama Guesthouse & Restaurant. It’s on the same street and just one block away from Miggy Guesthouse. Everything almost the same, except there’s no fridge but they have a TV for each room. And the price for the room I paid is 500 Baht/$14.

My fourth place was not far from the previous two and it is closer to 7-eleven and the name of the guesthouse is very poetic, which is Moon House. It was 100 Baht cheaper, 400/$11 than the third place I have stayed. The room wasn’t as nice and neat but it is quite spacious and clean with good and fast wi-fi as well. Downstairs is a restaurant that was average and the food being served were a bit small and it was more expensive than eating in the streets. In the kitchen, I could get hot water for tea, coffee or noodles for free.

All four places were very quiet at night time so it’s perfect for those who want to have a peaceful sleep at night.


in Bangkok

The fastest way to move in the city is MRT/sky train since there are no traffic jams and it is very convenient and it is very clean and safe. Average price for a trip (depending on distance) ranges from 20 to 40 Baht/$0.50-$1.

Tuk tuk is the easiest mode of transportation to find in Thailand since tuk tuk drivers are always around. Although it is not the safest ride and it can be expensive especially if you are travelling alone. Average price is 100 Baht/$3. I never use Taxis since it was too expensive to move around.

Local buses, one of my favorites in Bangkok, are very cheap and not always fast but interesting. For example, a single trip costs between 8 – 10 Baht/$0.30 and some buses are free. You can almost get anywhere in Bangkok through Bus but the chance of getting stuck is quite big, so it’s kinda worrisome.


I often spend my time eating breakfast in a 7-eleven convenience store especially if the place that I am staying doesn’t offer a free breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I usually go for a street food since it is very cheap but good and delicious.

Around the corner from the guesthouses, there was a night food market with a good variety of foods, vegetables and fruits. I almost went there every night to buy some takeaway chicken, rice, vegetables, noodles etc.


In conclusion, I want to say that you can always find interesting places and go off the beaten track even in a very crowded place or city if you just know where to search and know how to spend your money wisely and efficiently.

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