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April 19th 2019
Published: April 27th 2019
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I had left Siem Reap early in the morning and reached Bangkok in the evening. It had been an entire day of traveling. The que at the border between Cambodia and Thailand was so long! I think it took at least an hour.
Once I finally reached the apartment of my host, dinner was waiting. Again such a lovely welcome! I was supposed to stay with my last host Joice, but she had another couchsurfer staying with her. Now I'm staying with Puru.

The next day Puru was off, so we met up with Joice and her friends at a place next to the river. It had a really nice view and the food was good! We had such a good time that it was already dark when we left. We had to catch the ferry back to the other side.

The day after, Puru had to work. I met up with Joice to go to "Dialogue in the Dark". It's a museum in the dark, guided by a blind person. You get a walking stick and go through different rooms that represent places in Bangkok. So you can imagine how it is for blind people to live in Bangkok. It was really interesting and really changes your perspective on things.
After that we went to a mall and Joice told me to wait for her for a moment because she had to pick up something. When she came back, she gave me a gift. For my birthday she said. What she went to pick up was a pen with my name engraved in it and a diary with pictures of us. I was really surprised! I didn't expect this at all, but it was so amazing! I have a pen now with my name in it, how awesome is that?! She knows that I write diaries, so it's also a super useful gift.
Then we went to another mall to pick up the couchsurfer that stays with her. We walked a long way to the night market, where we had some food. I found Khao Soi again. I really love that dish, but it's only the second time I found it.

When I got back at Puru's place, there was another couchsurfer. She was from Chile and was very happy to be able to speak spanish with someone. We talked about our experiences since she came from the south and going north and I travel in the opposite direction.

The day after that was a very special day. I was going to meet up with an old highschool friend that happened to be in Bangkok for a few days as well. It was the only day we could meet up because I was leaving that day and she and her boyfriend arrived the day before. We were really close friends in highschool but just lost contact over the years. It must have been at least 10 years since I saw her. It was so strange but nice to see her again. There was so much to catch up on and we also talked about old memories from our highschool period. We just sat and talked all day in this coffee shop until it was time for me to catch my train.

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