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December 7th 2017
Published: December 8th 2017
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Well, it was a loooonng Day 2, but holy shitballs Batman, we made it! Was too exhausted last night to get the blog up so I'll recount as best I can now, being in Adelaide yesterday morning feels like a week ago!!

We woke early at the dodge-motel and got our shit together, ate our classy box of breakfast (which was actually pretty good for an included breakky at a dodge-motel, a mini box of Nutri-Grain with milk, an Up n Go milkshake thing and a muffin, not bad right?), and headed out to the street to get our taxi. It was peak hour traffic and the taxi was going to be a bit of a wait and whilst waiting we noticed, like a sign from the gods, that the bar was open! So Todd and I had time to grab a quick vodka at the bar to calm the travel nerves. Nothing like an 8am voddy to get you going!

Taxied to the airport where of course the woman's EFTPOS machine wouldn't work so I had to race into the terminal to take cash out to pay the bloody thing. This will be the first of many stories of travel mishaps I'm sure!

I've never travelled internationally out of Adelaide before so have never noticed the weird little nexus next to the Hungry Jacks that you have to go through to get to basically the same gate that everyone else leaves from, with just a glass wall between you. Weird set up, but whatever. Todd and I got to be the chosen ones who got the full body scans, that thing is cool, but I wish they would show you the scan, you just get a big green OK, but I wanna see what I look like on the inside!

Singapore Airlines was great. It was a 7 hour flight from Adelaide to Singapore, the flight staff were amazingly lovely complete with hot towels twice during the flight and very attentive service. We got 2 full meals whilst on board that were pretty bloody good in terms of airline food, and they didn't even make Kalyb produce ID when he ordered a beer, though the lady did ask him how old he was. He and I tried our first Tiger beer (or 3!) and they were pretty bloody good! All in all a good flight, Corey was totally excited the whole time, landing still sucked for Kalyb but not quite as bad as on the first flight. I started the Handmaid's Tale TV series and now I'm hooked, will half to watch the last half of the series when we fly back home!

Getting to Singapore was just a touch stressful, we only had a 45 minute connection time which had me nervous even when it was booked that way, but I figured it's all the same airline, they must know what they're doing. So after we landed we had to wait for another plane to move from our parking bay before we disembark, so we are waiting on the plane watching our precious 45 minutes tick by and I am freaking out! By the time we got off the plane we are down to about 25 minutes to find our next flight in like one of the biggest airports in the world. We had boarding passes already, but they didn't have a bloody gate number on them, so I am trying to decipher the flight screens which keep flicking from airline to airline and have like 9 different flights to Bangkok going from different gates, Kalyb is insisting he is going to piss himself if we don't find a toilet immediately and I have no idea where we are. So we start walking in what I think is the right wasn't of course. We get to end of the building and it only goes to Gate 46.......we need Gate 50.......where the fuck is Gate 50? Ask security guy, he points out the window across the tarmac to the building directly opposite where we are......oh happy days. So we haul arse down the moving walkway things barging through the people who like to get on those things and just stop 'for the ride' and we manage to find a toilet, get to the gate and get on our flight with like 5 minutes to spare.

Singapore to Bangkok is just less than 2 hours flight time so seemed really short, got another decent meal and a Tiger beer in the system and was feeling pretty good that we were actually about to be in our destination! Coming in to Bangkok was really cool, the landscape was really different, there has been a lot of rain here lately, but I'm not sure if that is the reason for the big square sections of water are because of the rain or if they are like rice paddies or something? No idea, but looked really cool.

When we landed the immigration and customs process was easy as, and not crowded at all. Aussies staying less than 30 days don't need a visa so we just went straight through to Immigration and there was no line at all. Got our bags quickly and easily too and we were now approaching my last little stress out of the day, and that was really just crossing my fingers that the hotel had remembered to send the airport pickup driver to get us! There are about 4 million guys with signs with names on them, in all different languages. I decide I better attempt an ATM transaction and get some cash just in case we end up needing to catch a taxi, so while I did that, Todd went down the line looking for a guy with our name sign, and lo and behold, he found him! Woohoo!! YES! Everything coming up roses now. We have all luggage and family members accounted for and a fucking driver to get us where we are going. We are set. We stood outside the airport in one of the pickup areas waiting for him while he went to get the minibus thing. This place is absolute chaos, three lanes of hundreds of minibuses and hotel cars just pulling in, cutting each other off, stopping dead in the road to let people in and out, just insanity! We realised we have no idea what the guy is driving so we are just hoping he recognises Todd and will find us. The driver eventually stops across from us, in the middle lane, and we trek through the traffic with our bags and get in. OMG, the relief is just crazy. The relief is briefly replaced with panic at the lack of seatbelts in our vehicle, but we did find one which we strapped Corey into and I just trusted in the luck gods for the rest of us. As we were driving through the city to get to our hotel it was very apparent that a lack of seatbelts is not the only thing lacking in Thailand's road safety regulations. We saw some crazy stuff, people packed into ute trays on their way home from work, families crammed on scooters, zero use of indicators and crazy weaving in and out of traffic, but hey, we made it to the hotel, hurrah!

So anyway, kids are annoying the crap out of me to go down to breakfast so I better wrap this up, other interesting points since we got here, there is actually some english language tv channels like cartoon network and fox movies, so that is cool. We all ended up having Western food from Room Service because I have noooo idea what some of the other stuff is and we were too exhausted to be adventurous, we will tackle Thai Food today! We went to the 7-11 up the street to get some cold drinks and managed to get 3 long-necks of Leo beer, a 4 pack of Heieneken and a big bastard bottle of Singha beer, plus some water, 3 ice-creams and some soft drink for like 550 baht, about $22 aussie dollars. The 7-11 is going to be our friend lol.

Only other things of note is the bathrooms. Corey is fascinated with the butt sprayer and keeps spraying it in the toilet, the shower everywhere but his butt really. Todd has sprayed his butt and reports back that it might just be something he can get used to. And Kalyb managed to lock himself in the bathroom and we had to call reception to send someone up to let him out - What is the etiquette here, do we tip that guy lol? Anyhoo, I will upload photos asap too, but we can only use the wifi one at a time and Kalyb is foaming at the mouth, so photos to come real soon!!!

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