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August 27th 2012
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So much has happened in 2 days! Saturday morning we were booked to get the train from Bangkok to Tha rua which is where we will be living for the next year. We were meant to leave at 11.30 to avoid any traffic yet me and Robyn were clever enough to both put alarms on our phones for 9.30, yet neither of them went off and we were woken up by a knock on our door at 11.20! I have never been in so much of a rush in my life! 10 minutes to pack our rucksacks AND make ourselves look presentable to our hosts. I was sweating in places I didn't know I could sweat, shoving everything into my bag, running round. But we did it! The train journey was only 2 hours and went well.....but obviously something had to go wrong and it did just as I was trying to get off the train, squeezing my bag through the tiny door..the train started to move! I didnt realise at first, all I saw was sheer panic on Robyn's face as I was suddenly half way down the platform. Thank god it wasn't a Virgin train and went quite slow at first so I managed to jump off with all of my bags to land on as protection!

Our host's are called Ben and Somchai. They are so lovely and so welcoming. They kept telling us how much they admire us for what we are doing. I hadnt really thought about how they see us before now, but it was really nice to see how much they appreciate us. They took us into Ayutthaya to show us the temples and force feed us every single piece of Thai food we walked past. We then went to see the elephants and as cute as they are and as funny as it is to see them dance and shake their bums to indian music....it was quite sad to see them chained up like that! Its the same with the dogs....I just see them all as poorly lily's (my dog) with broken legs and cuts... I want to look after them all!!!

I have just been to meet my first Thai class. They were all so excited to meet us. It makes you feel like royalty, one boy ran to the front of the class and burst into song, serenading me with rolling in the deep by Adele and a Whitney Houston classic. I was gobsmacked!! Safe to say that is the class I am most looking forward to teaching.....

Its now 8.30pm and I'm sat in my second host family'shouse listening to the thunder, lightening and pouring down rain outside....can't believe the rest of my family are in Benidorm probably having better weather than me! Gonna go for my 3rd shower of the day, speak to you soon!

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27th August 2012

Raining here too!
Hi Aimes, glad you got there in one piece.....now the fun begins!!! Its not stopped raining here all weekend....so your not on your own!! Take care chick xxxx
27th August 2012

Admire You
Love your blog only you could be dragged along a train platform lol. Amy misses you so much but is very proud of what you are doing as i am. Keep safe and look forward to your next update.xxxxxx
27th August 2012

it all sounds so exciting. Wishing you just the best time. It's raining in morecambe! So good to hear it is all eventful already. Watch those trains!
27th August 2012

Rain here too but no elephants
Lovely to hear from you. We are glad you were not to specific about where you were sweating from but glad you survived getting off the train. It all sounds very exciting the only similarity with us is the rain. Lots of love Granny and Grandpa xxxx
27th August 2012

HAHAHA nice one beast! Good to see you are having a good time! Don´t try bring an elephant back or anything though because Lily will be pretty pissed out probably! Good luck teaching soon! xx
30th August 2012

Sat here crying with laughter so funny could only happen to you! Glad your enjoying it and keep us posted with all your tales xxxx
1st September 2012

Also raining here too :-(
Hiaaaa my bootilishous friend :P sounds like your having an amazing time. Missing you loads. I'm in France at the moment under shelter because it's pouring down but still warm. Just about to have some lunch and a bit of vino :P then going to go shopping in Cannes a.k.a bribe my dad to get me a Prada bag don't think it will happen like lol. Anyway take care my little traveller and stay safe ! Love you bud xxxxx

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