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July 13th 2010
Published: July 13th 2010
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After an epic journey involving 3 hours on a mini bus, 2.5 hours on a decent local bus (no air con), a very hurried change of bus to a dodge local bus and a further 2 hours we finally made it to Ayutthaya which we have since dubbed Gayutthaya simply because all the men we met were very obviously gay! It was hilarious, from the locals in the bar who were checking out the young western backpackers to the waiters at the guesthouse who shimmied around the restaurant, absolutely hilarious. Good fun is had by all by the looks.

Ayutthaya is a city on an island (surrounded by river) that has grown up around the ruins of Thailand's ancient capital so the pull is the many Wat's (temples) and ruins that lay around the place. Chloe and I decided that since it was stinking degrees outside we would hire a moped rather than bicycles to get out and see some Wat's. Unfortunately the town map was lacking a little on the correct scale side and the distances confused us. But after almost circumnavigating the small island we found the Wat we were after and had a great time wandering about the crumbling ruins.

I think the highlight of Ayutthaya was the couple we met at the travel agency who booked our tickets to Chang Mai. More lovely people you couldnt hope to meet. We booked our tickets with them and as we were checking out of our room they offered to store our bags for the day whilst we went sightseeing and also offered for us to have a shower there before getting on the night bus - bless! Plus we got the tickets 50 baht cheaper than anywhere else in town, they were just gorgeous. We gave them each a clip on koala and you should have seen the response! Like kids at christmas! It was just a beautiful experience and I will remember them. I have to say in general the Thai people have all been wonderful, happy people all smiles.

We arrived in Chang Mai today and now have the chore of deciding what to do for the next week or so before I need to do a visa run from Chang Rai to re-new my thai visa. A visit to a national park is on the cards and perhaps some river rafting, decisions, decisions...

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