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November 20th 2006
Published: November 21st 2006
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Drink Thai Beer!Drink Thai Beer!Drink Thai Beer!

It's cheap, strong and comes in big bottles. Since we have no pictures of Ayutthaya, here is one of Kate drinking beer in Bangkok, but it could have been taken anywhere really.

Ayuthaya: City of Gorgeousness


We arrived in Ayuthaya following a terrifying minibus journey from Kanachanaburi. We tore through Thailand at breakneck speeds and overtook buses on the wrong side of dual carriageways. It was scarier than perching on the neck of an elephant. But we arrived safe and sound and caught a tuk tuk to the Ayuthaya Guest House where the incredibly friendly staff ushered us to our room.
We had a little wander, ate some dinner at a place called Tony's Place and went for a beer in the pub next door. Where we met the local drunk. Why does this happen wherever we go..? I was at the toilet for but a minute and when I returned a grinning Thai man of about 60 was swaying and talking to Kate, teaching her Thai. He introduced us to some more Thai whisky too. Yum. Then Kate went to the toilet and he explained he couldn't talk cos he wanted to go and listen to the band and left me on my tod. Aw well...

The next day we headed out to see the sights and met a barrage of tuk tuk drivers who wanted to take
Drink Thai Beer!Drink Thai Beer!Drink Thai Beer!

For all your ladies out there, here is Kris, drinking beer topless in a hotel room in Bangkok. We-hay.
us to see "lots of temples and giant golden buddhas". There are lots of giant golden buddhas in Thailand. Lots and Lots. We decided first to head to the tourist info office 1st. En route we regretted not getting a tuk tuk as we seemed to walk miles in the midday sun - it seemed a good idea at the time - "Oh what a lovely day!" we thought, niavely. Mad dogs n englishmen and all that stuff...
After viewing many a Buddha and discovering Ayuthaya has the title of City of Gorgeousness, we became a little sunstroked and caught a tuk tuk to an air-conditioned museum of Thai village life. Phew.

Our conclusions from this part of the trip are that Thai hot n spicy salad is really nice. And there are a lot of amazing Buddha statues all over Thailand. Oh, and always offer a tuk tuk driver half the price he initially asks for....

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (i.e. no batteries) we took no photographs in this gorgeous town. It was gorgeous though...

Ayutthaya is a lovely town, and there are some gorgeus ruins and temples, but it was far far too hot to look at them. which was a shame. Perhaps next time we will take up the tuk tuk driver's offer to drive us round, after knocking him down half the price.

Sorry for the lack of photos so you could see the gorgeusness, I suggest you look it up on the internet. To make up for it, we have put on more pictures of us playing on elephants. Gorgeus in a different way.


22nd November 2006

I went to Thailand for my holiday and done most of the things you done. Its fab isnt it? now I am divorced and am helping my new boyfriend write about the bridge over the river kwai and put the facts into a presentation. Its bringing back memories of the fab but all so different holiday that I had in 2001.
22nd November 2006

Hey guys!
Just been catching up on your adventures and am generally very jeaous! So happy for you guys though, sounds like you're having a wicked time! Happy very very belated b'day too Kate - you know I'm crap :)
24th November 2006

To Kate D
Yep, having a cool time, about time you were jealous after us being jealous of you living it up in Madrid. Hope the wedding plans are going well, thought of a honeymoon in Thailand?
24th November 2006

I'll suggest the honeymoon thing to Greg, though he's just seen the picture of Kris with a bug in his mouth, might have put him off - don't know!

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