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Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 29th 2015

So, part of our assignment is to also do a couple of presentations on Taikistan when we return home. I am hoping the blog will help fulfill this for me. :) We are now in the Capital of Tajikistan. It is a very beautiful city, clean with quite a few parks throughout. Many of the buildings have been restored. I am just going to post pics from today's walk. And a few from the market at Kurgon Teppa (the town where our assignment is based).... read more
Hotel Tajik
Statue of Rudaki
Somoni, father of the Tajiknation in the 900s

Asia » Tajikistan » Kurgan Tube August 28th 2015

We're nearly there! We left Khorog early and planned on a quick stop off in the Jizeu valley before making more progress towards the final destination, Qurgonteppa. The roads were good so we got to the Jizeu bridge at midday. It's just "the bridge" because the actual village is a 2 hour hike up the valley. We walked along the crystal clear water until we got to the most surreal village I've ever seen. It was like walking into the Shire from Lord of the Rings. Everything was so lush and green with bright blue ponds/lakes dotted about and white peaks on the horizon. With 14 houses making up the whole village, I can understand the confused looks we were getting as we walked through. We were offered tea in a few of the houses but ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Khorog August 27th 2015

This blog comes in three parts ... Khorog to Yamchun We woke up in Khorog planning to set off after giving the car a service. It ended up taking longer than expected to tinker with the car so we left around midday. The drive was amazing, the roads were surprisingly good too. We managed to make good progress until we turned a corner only to find a lorry on it's side blocking the whole road. We were thinking of what to do because if we couldn't pass the only option was to wait for the lorry to be moved (could take days) or turn back. When we arrived a big 4x4 was struggling to drive up a verge onto the neighbouring farmers field in an attempt to drive round the lorry. Our chances of getting up ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan August 25th 2015

Wow! It has been almost a week, and I still can’t get my head around the fact that we are in Tajikistan!! We are on another US Aid ACDI project and loving it! It is fascinating. Ed’s project is orchard management which is quickly becoming much easier than my record keeping project. We are here until Sept 5th, so a very short time to try to get up to speed on the needs of the groups we are working with. Ed & I are working together as the groups are far apart and require a translator. It has been a very long time since we have been in a situation where there is really no English. The schools are beginning to teach the younger students some English, but Tajik is the national language and Russian is ... read more
Beautiful lunch with one of the farmers
Ed working in the fruit orchards
Fruit orchard

Asia » Tajikistan » Khorog August 23rd 2015

We've finally made it to Khorog! It took us much longer than we expected for various reasons but we're here now and ready to start the Wakhan tomorrow. After a very lazy morning in Dushanbe we eventually set off towards Khorog, a town that signifies the start of our last adventure ... The Pamir highway and the Wakhan corridor. The plan was just to get as far as possible and then camp wherever we were as it began to get dark. The driving was slow due to the bad roads and it quickly became apparent that due to our late start we would be on the road (and camping) for two nights. The drive was not made any quicker by being pulled over regularly to register out passports and car throughout the journey ... And a ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 21st 2015

We made it! Final destination Tajikistan. No more borders! We arrived in Samarkand around midday with the hope of seeing all of the sights in a day so we could catch up with lost time earlie and leave for Tajik the next day. Despite the intense heat, we managed just that and had a very busy afternoon. We learned all about the history of Uzbekistans rulers, the good and the not so good, and visited all of their long standing monuments/mosques/medressas. Topped with a bustling bazaar it was a great experience. We had an evening meal at a fancy place called "Platan" and just about scraped enough money to pay for it after realising we had each not brought out as much money as we thought we had. Easily done when you take a big wodge ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe October 18th 2014

On the road again, As I am preparing to leave this beautiful land of Tajik, I like to post just a few of the local architecture for those who may have an interest in it. There are majestic buildings around this town that were built during the yesteryears of the Soviet era, when Russia consisted of fifteen different countries, which are independent today. The triangular building in the photo is the famous Dushanbe City Hall. The beauty of the Soviet architecture in this region has earned my respect and admiration. I don’t know much about the history of architecture, but the structures here give me a sense of an ancient spirit. The newer buildings which are being built by the Tajiks today, in the absent of Russians , are vividly of lower quality today. Our Western ... read more
Doshanbe City Hall
School Lineup

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe October 15th 2014

On The Tajiks Culture Life in Tajikistan appear to be stress free. Faces on the streets are calm and I have yet to see someone looking distrusted or angry. In an interesting way I feel this people somehow are closer to my roots as a ‘Persian.’ The culture feel like Persian here; not an Iranian; a very strange feeling. Tajiks’ religiosity is Moslem مسلم without being Islamist or Evangelist. Government of Tajikistan is pushing to remove the mosques buy refusing to renew their land lease. It is a respectable way of exercising your religion without having to push it down people's throat with advertising or religious banners and propagandas all over the town, like we see in Iran. Walking kilometers everyday around here, I have not seen any mosques or heard the sound of Azon and ... read more
Tajik alphabet conversion to Farsi
Can you read this in Farsi? Try using the conversion table.
Noass or نا س in Tajiki

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe October 13th 2014

Saturday October 10, 2014 – Dushanbe, Tajikistan I finally made it to Tajikistan a few days ago. I have had a unknown wish to see this country for a while now. Unknown because I really didn’t know what attracts me to see this land other than they speak Farsi and to me this was exciting, as I have never experienced being in any country that speak Farsi outside of Iran. I arrived in Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan on a flight from Moscow. By the time I applied and received an entry visa at the airport all passengers and suitcases where out of the baggage area and no sign on my suitcase. A major disappointment. After going through a lot of ordeals with the baggage people, I was told to check back tomorrow to see if ... read more
street fruit vendor
پارک رودکی
A meal with Safar Ali at his village Amon Sheikhi

The Roof of the World includes Tajikistan's Pamir Mountains located in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO) as well as other significant mountain ranges of South-Central Asia: the Himalayas, Tien Shan, Karakorum, and Hindu Kush. After Dushanbe, I spent almost 3 weeks traveling around the Pamir region on the way back to Kyrgyzstan. There were huge numbers of tourists, not as many as in Uzbekistan which was absolutely mobbed, but more than any other region in Central Asia. It's easy to understand why - the scenery is spectacular and the Pamiris are very friendly. Currently in Saint Petersburg, Russia after a very long flight from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Moscow via already freezing Siberia then an overnight train. Nice to be back here but it's way colder than my 2 previous visits in July, 2011 and June, 2012 but ... read more
Rokhi Safed - Bon Voyage!
Afghan Market

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