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November 30th 2012
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Thanksgiving FaceThanksgiving FaceThanksgiving Face

My university had a Thanksgiving...presentation? Not sure how to describe it. Anyway, here I am demonstrating the Thanksgiving tradition of eating til almost ill.
Full disclosure: I stole that title from a headline of a newspaper somewhere describing why, alas, I haven't been able to access ye olde facebook for many moons. I would tell you why facebook is blocked in Tajikistan, but I'm a little afraid to, lest He Who Must Be Named Many Times and Also Have His Picture in All the Places also shuts down my blog.

Not having facebook has made me realize how reliant upon it I am over here--maybe too much so--but checking it relentlessly makes me feel home-ish when I am home-sick. Now I must find other, more creative ways to feel home-ish. Ways such as...celebrating Thanksgiving!

I've had a most memorable one--I know my family also has, and I hope friends one and all had a great holiday. Missed you all quite much. I could wax on about the holiday as experienced over here, but in this case, I think some pictures will do the job much better than I could.

Happy Thankgiving and Advent, all.

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Pilgrims and IndiansPilgrims and Indians
Pilgrims and Indians

As part of this lil' presentation, my rock star students performed the heck out of the cheesiest Thanksgiving play you ever did see. These 22-year-olds gave it the heartiest go I've seen since my kindergarten performance of the same story.
Look ma, I cooked it!Look ma, I cooked it!
Look ma, I cooked it!

...and then we all devoured it.
Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

This was not on or around Thanksgiving, but I love this picture of me having dinner with a student's family. Under the table, they have a fire pit so your legs are toasty.

30th November 2012
Happy Thanksgiving

Little Justus would like to know if there is also a fire hydrant to accompany the fire pit table. :)
30th November 2012
Happy Thanksgiving

Now you know what I've been trying to describe about Japan all these years! So cozy...
30th November 2012
Look ma, I cooked it!

I'm so proud...and a little curious...what, exactly, is that bird?
4th December 2012

Tajik Contraband
Hey, uh, I heard from someone who used to live in a similar country that there's a way around these things... Just saying... The goose flies at midnight.

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