Pamir Highway trip Day 3 - Vanj to Rushan

Published: July 17th 2016
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July 14 - Pamir Highway trip Day 3 - Vanj to Rushan

We were supposed to stay in the same place for two nights, and go hiking to see a glacier today, but with the car broken and not being able to get to the place where the hike started, and the hike being longer than we were originally told, and rain in the morning, we decided to leave today. We spent a lot of time in the morning trying to figure out how to make the trip work, but in the end decided to leave it up to Mirzo, the guy we booked the trip with. That was fine.

We drove our busted car very slowly, and with many breaks to dump water in, back to Vanj, where we had lunch again. When we finished, we met a second driver in a similar van, and transferred to his car with the intention of meeting back up in a couple of days with our first driver, once he got the car fixed. He originally missed us, and drive all the way to where we slept last night, and had to come back again. He drove too fast, and at some point we ended up stopped alongside the Belgians, for a smoke break. The other driver was friends with our driver, and we asked him to ask his friend to drive slower. He did, but it was almost too slow.

We eventually got to the Rushan area, to a small village called Wamd, at 6pm. We went to a new homestay, and the Belgians stayed there too. Anna and I were shown around the village by the 14 year old niece who lived there. She spoke English pretty well and wants to be an interpreter. She also speaks Tajik, Pamiri and Russian. She and her friends showed us the school, the hospital, and the river. Their house had a sit down toilet outside and a hot water shower, though the shower part was broken. We had dinner with the Belgians and afterwards I repacked my bag, as tomorrow we would be doing a day hike and sleeping over night there.

Belly now seems to have the opposite problem - nothing leaving the digestive system.

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18th July 2016
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