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TAJIKISTAN with the Tajik Outlaws...Part 5. Sherali our guide lives with his wife and two children in Alichur in the High Pamir (see last blog). Zamanbek (Mr Zee) our driver lives with his wife and four children in Murghab.(our next destination). In the 4 months of Summer they must work and earn as much money as possible to support their families as Winter is a gruelling 8 months long...temperatures averaging minus 45 degrees Celsius during the day and minus 55 degrees Celsius at night. In preparation for Winter Sherali buys 3 tonnes of coal and a lorry load of yak dung for fuel. He also buys a lorry load of a woody bush that is used for kindling. These are burnt in a stove in the middle of their dwelling which has pipes running off it ... read more
Yurts in the High Pamir
A lorry load of dung
Mr Zee visits his sister & nephew

It is 220km from Bulunkul Lake to Murghab, but with the sealed highway it only took us 3.5 hrs with a couple of stops; one at the 'holy' pond of the white fish spring, a freshwater spring pond full of fish, a little hut next to it serves up the fish, but it was too early in the day for us to contemplate eating so we passed. It was strange to be on seal after so many days of rough unsealed road, even if some parts were not so good. The scenery was pretty cool - typical high altiplano, but we've been a bit spoilt lately so it didn't blow us away. Murghab sits at 3,618m, and with Khorog, is the only town in the Pamirs. It's known as one of the few points of civilisation, ... read more
Murghab Hotel

I am researching travel to Tajikistan this summer 2013 and wondered if the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is still closed due to fighting in August in Khorog. We would like to if possible travel to the Wakhan Corridor but don't know if that is possible at this time. We may take our mountain bikes on this trip and am studying the routes including the M-41 and other alternate routes. If anyone has done this let me know. Thanks.... read more

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