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Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 23rd 2018

Day 3 NO, I am not better. Had a horrible night, abdo cramps +++ Loaded up now on Buscopan, Gastrostop and Panadol. Skip breakfast. Feel revolting. Go downstairs anyway and have a cup of tea (having triple washed my cup- discretely). The Polish girl is gone, there is an Italian girl this morning- she is covered from head to toe in bed bug bites and is on antihistamines and antibiotics (I tell her I know a good pharmacy nearby should she need to stock up - hahaha...). She picked them up somewhere on a homestay on the Pamir Highway. Two Scottish girls appear, they are heading off on the Pamir Highway that morning- they carefully note down the Italian girls homestay places so as NOT to stay there. Next comes the elusive Marian, she asks me ... read more
Rudaki Park
Typical Breadshop
Annoying Way To Spend In Dushanbe

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 22nd 2018

Day 2 Dushanbe Fast Facts Population 679 400 Elevation 800m Settlement- 5th century BC Dushanbe evolved in 1929 with establishment of a railway, aka Stalinabad- capital of new Soviet Tajik republic 1950's back to Dushanbe (which means Monday), Tajik immigrants from Uzbekistan, German POW's and Russian exiles 1990's civil war with the fall of the Soviet Union 2002 peace prevails, city transforms Wake up after not enough sleep with a cold, unfortunate timing but I can deal with it... My room in the daylight- big, white, spacious, old Persian rugs, big puffy curtains (hmm). white linen, navy privacy curtain into small ante room and bathroom, all very spotless, very, very spotless. I love it (with the exception of the puffy curtains), art on the walls-local eurasian, r... read more
Tried And Tested Broom
Architecture of Dushanbe

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 21st 2018

Day 1 Warning- this blog post will give you no insights whatsoever into travelling in Tajikistan, it's just my personal start full of inane detail. Read on at your peril.... Up at 03:00, out the door 03:30. Win 1- Big, heavy unwieldy pack is checked all the way through to Dushanbe, no need to reclaim in Dubai. Win 2- Qantas Club let me in at 04:30 (despite my Emirates boarding pass). Win 3- Window seat with 2 empty seats next to me. Then I lose. Having gloated about not getting the virus that ran through our household last week, at the 5 hour mark of the flight my throat is tickling. Slightly worried. By the time we get to Dubai I have a full on killer headache. I had pre-booked a room at the Holiday Inn ... read more
Empty Row
Blurry Airport Departure Shot

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 20th 2018

This trip came about when a friend (Terry, met in Iran in 2014) sent me photos of his trip incorporating the "Stans", specifically Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It only took about 5 minutes to once again shelve Mongolia and completely switch destinations. I knew nothing at all, in any shape or form, about Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, I'm not so sure that I'd even heard of them before. Immediately I took to scouring blog sites (like this- Shane the Travelling Camel, Dancing Dave and Dave and Merry Jo in particular), independent blogs (The Adventures of Lill Nicki), info boards, forums, TA, IndyGuide, Caravanistan and Lonely Planet (etc, etc, etc.....) to construct an itinerary. It was a tough one as there were absolutely endless places to see, mountains to climb and things to do in these 2 incredible countries. ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe January 12th 2018

Ciao, sono Emomali Rahmon, presidente a vita del Tajikistan. Nel mio paese non si fuma per strada e non si puo' avere la barba. Non abbiamo buoni ospedali.... read more
Il presidente su un cavallo
I meloni del presidente
Il presidente pesca una trota e ride come un ebete

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe November 4th 2017

TAJIKISTAN with the Tajik Outlaws...Part 1. I'm really excited..replaced my my Tajikistan opening gold wrapped chocolate...hoping the wrapping indicates something special...nothing worse than stale and wretched. like cards falling to the floor. Flashing...flipping...smiling...fist forming...yes...yes...yes. Relief rolling down my face...memories flashing before me...warm feeling of pleasure as chocolate drips from my lips. One of the most splendiferous road trips of the World...stunning landscapes...amazed by the people we meet. Let the tales begin...and what an adventure it was. ***** Shane The Travel Camel says he's leading a road trip through the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan in August 2017 and asks if we want to come...yeeka! Denise says it took 5 minutes to decide...I say it took about 6... read more
Welcome to Tajikistan
Statue of Ismoil Somoni
Always waving

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 31st 2017

Click here to watch a vlog from us both covering highlights, challenges and surprises of our trip through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 7th 2017

Tajikistan celebrates 26 years of independence from the Soviet Union on 9th September. Perhaps best known for its civil war and economic collapse of the early 90s, it has come a long way since then, however it remains one of the poorest countries in the world There is a large population of Tajiks in northern Afghanistan and also in the Uzbekistan cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. It was talking to the Tajik owner of the guest house we stayed at in Bukhara (Uzbekistan) last year that really piqued our interest in Tajikistan and the rest of the Stans. Tajikistan has strong cultural and military ties with Russia. It's economy is also heavily reliant on the paychecks of Tajik men who work away in Russia. It also has growing ties with China on its Eastern border with ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe August 6th 2017

You could safely conclude that the author of this blog entry is not the one who booked the flights. Despite the flights costing an arm, a leg and a kidney, it turned out our 4 flight journey to get from Wellington, NZ to Dushanbe, Tajikistan - via Auckland, Singapore and Dubai - also had a total travel time of 39:35hrs from take off in Wellington to landing in Dushanbe (at 4:20am)... In part this was thanks to the 8:30 hour layover in Singapore and a 5:30 hour layover in Dubai (the 3 hours in Auckland being accepted as a necessary). While not a planned part of trip there was no way we were not going to try and squeeze in seeing a bit more of Singapore. We've only visited once so there is still heaps we ... read more

Asia » Tajikistan » Dushanbe May 31st 2017

Als Tourist in Dushanbe muss man sehr überlegt handeln. Denn sonst weiß man nicht, was man am Nachmittag tun soll. Also frühstückte ich erst ausgiebig und langsam. Nahm dann den Bus in die Stadt - womit ich wahrscheinlich der einzige Gast im Sheraton bin, der je den ÖPNV benutzt hat. Im Moment bin ich mir sogar nicht so recht sicher, ob ich nicht überhaupt der einzige Gast bin???? Busfahren ist easy. Kostet ein GELD, das sind so etwa 10 Cent. Und es gilt die feste Regel: Junge Leute springen sofort auf, wenn jemand älterer zusteigt, egal ob Mann oder Frau. Also habe ich immer einen Sitzplatz. Von den hiesigen Busfahrer könnten sich die in München was abschauen. Die Münchner warten genüßlich, bis der Fahrgast hergerannt kommt und fast die Türe erreicht hat. Dann wir diese zugeknallt ... read more

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