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February 13th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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I found a free Internet cafe in the airport in Taipei, so I figured I'd kill a little bit of my layover and drop a quick note to let you know that I've arrived safely. Surprisingly the flight here was really great. I got a window seat, and the middle seat next to me was empty. We had a meal just after take off, then I took my sleeping pill and when I woke up 9 hours had gone by! Only 5 more to go! So I took another nap, and woke up 2 hours later. I stayed awake for the last three hours of the flight, had another meal, watched a little TV and here I am. The whole thing was much easier than I had prepped myself for.

Interestingly, when the breakfast cart came around the choices were Chinese Kim-Chi, or almonds. Um, what? I thought Kim-Chi (which I'm probably miss-spelling) was Korean, and a dinner food. Huh? First little taste of culture shock I guess, just then a second stewardess came by, overheard my confusion and offered me eggs and coffee *sigh*

I'm not sure if you guys know what Kim-Chi is, but I was introduced to it when I worked at Abovehealth (an Asian owned/staffed company) Kim-Chi is fermented (read: left in a barrel to rot for a month) cabbage that's served over porridge. Dad, remember that awful smelling hash you used to cook for breakfast, so bad I had to eat my breakfast in the dining room? Well, it was kinda like that, only trapped on a plane. The guy next to me was eating it, I tried not to watch. Ok, enough about that...

I'm off to kill the next hour in duty-free, and then back onto another plane for 5 hours to get to Jakarta! Yay! I'll drop a line when I get there, so you know I'm cool. Then I'm off to sleep in my nice king sized bed for 2 days to recover! (But I feel really great, so maybe I'll just take a nap/shower and hit the city!) Until then....


15th February 2008

Re: Hash & Eggs No worries Dad! It was nothing compared to the Kim-Chi! LOL
19th February 2008

Re: Re: Hash & Eggs Mmmm ... corned beef hash and eggs .... Mmmmm

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