Taipei, Taiwan - Not Many Tourists Here!

This journal has been deleted.
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21st August 2010

I enjoyed your comments.
Hi. My wife and I lived in Taipei for four years. When we talked about your blog, she made a comment that thought hit the nail on the head. "Taipei is a wonderful place to live, but not a good place to visit". It definitely fails to make a good first impression, but if you get past that Taipei is a truly wondrous city. In my opinion.
4th November 2010

if you wanted to only eat western food and criticise anything that doesn't suit your palate, why bother to travel? be adventurous and a good sport!
25th December 2010

your blog summed up my stereotypes about americans - the world should only cater to westerners! If an asian city doens't cater to us it sux in comparison to others! guess what? taiwan has one of the best universal healthcare in the world! A typical Taiwanese citizen can receive proper medical attention 24hr a day and only paying 1/10th of what americans are paying! Also, you will never find a subway system as clean, modern and efficient as the taipei metro in the states. I work and live in nyc and its system pale in comparison (except maybe the extensiveness)!

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