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June 25th 2007
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Hon. Jin-Pyng WangHon. Jin-Pyng WangHon. Jin-Pyng Wang

President of the Legislative Yuan
Our second event on our first day here was to meet and visit with the President of the Legislative Yuan (Branch) of Taiwan. He is the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi to the Taiwanese congress, but Taiwan’s legislative branch is unicameral.

He spoke knowledgeably and with interest of the U.S. Presidential race and seemed genuinely interested in us and our thoughts.

He spoke to us about the operation of the legislative branch, the role of the two major parties in the governance of Taiwan, and U.S. relations with Taiwan.

Right now, the President of Taiwan and the legislative branch are controlled by different parties. I’ll try to delve into some of the differences of the multiple parties later, but simply put, the Blue coalition of parties support relations and potential future reunification with China. The Green coalition of parties support Taiwanese sovereignty; some to the point of breaking completely with China.

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Me, Leah Daughtery, and Eliseo RoquesMe, Leah Daughtery, and Eliseo Roques
Me, Leah Daughtery, and Eliseo Roques

Standing in the Legislative Reception Hall
The Legislative ChamberThe Legislative Chamber
The Legislative Chamber

This is where the legislative branch meets

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