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Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Banciao City August 20th 2012

Monday, 20th August 2012 Our final day in Taipei before flying back home the day after. We were blessed with clear skies as we made our way to Banqiao City, a couple of Metro stops west of Taipei Station. Our destination in the morning was the Observatory at the top of New Taipei City Hall. We were greeted by a team of friendly volunteers who directed us to the correct lifts (19 & 20) for the Observatory at the 32nd Level. It took a while for our lift to climb up to the top as it was making a couple of stops along the way. Admission was completely free (unlike her Taipei 101 cousin) and I'm thankful that the crowds were really thin on a Monday morning. Apparently, few visitors seemed to have known the existence ... read more
The Observatory is on the right
Yesterday, tomorrow, forever
No crowds

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Banciao City May 15th 2011

I'm an American living in Taiwan. I've been here since 1989. Yeah, wow. Summer vacation for me means the month of August off, and every year I plan a good long trip ( and then start planning another good long trip for Chinese New Years). Last year it was a return to Italy, which I hadn't visited since I was ten. Almost no matter where I go, there's a planned stopover in Thailand. Gotta hit Bangkok a few times a year. Years past have seen Sabah, Borneo, north and south Thailand, of course Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Macau, Singapore, Penang, and Boracay, to name a few. Hey, what's the point of living in Asia if you don't travel around? This year it's India. Ouch. Everyone keeps asking me, "Why?" It will be rainy season. I ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » Banciao City April 27th 2011

I am walking through Yonghe, the second most densely populated suburb in the world, getting lost, trying to find an elusive coffee shop. Enjoying being lost. Taipei is like the labyrinth. There are so many entrances but they are hard to find. So many doors but you are not sure where they lead. It is magical and daunting depending. I am lost down a back alley, passing doors to temples with red lights and moving to the side of the alley to let scooters pass me by, and then the man I am following decides to let out a big fart and then proceeds to shake it out of his pants. He doesn’t care that he is not alone. Go ahead. Fart. I will simply turn the corner. It makes me laugh and feel disgusted at ... read more
Seperated Recyclables
Ice Cream Man

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