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Asia » Taiwan » Penghu County October 13th 2015

Every year on the 10th of October, Taiwan celebrates its' Independence with a 4 day long weekend. We decided, along with 5 other teachers, to visit Penghu Island (pronounced Pung hoo). On Thursday after school, we leisurely made our way to the airport. We arrived in Magong shortly after 6PM after a 45 minute flight. Penghu County is an archipelago consisting of almost 100 islands and is also known as the Pescadores. It is famous for its great beaches, glorious temples and traditional Chinese-style homes surrounded by coral walls. In the summer months Penghu is hot and beautiful, while in winter and spring the archipelago is possibly the windiest place in the northern hemisphere. Many consider Penghu a windsurfing paradise and we would agree, the winds were consistently strong all the time we were there. The ... read more
C'est La Vie
View from the Balcony
Renting Scooters

Asia » Taiwan » Penghu County December 12th 2011

Booking a trip from Taipei to the isolated Pescadores Islands (Penghu) is as simple as stepping into one of Taiwan's five thousand+ 7-11s and buying a 4000NTD (130$) return flight. Once a stepping stone between China and Taiwan, and a staging point for various colonial invasions of the latter, the archipelago now receives a sprinkling of primarily domestic tourists. Leanne and I opted instead for arrival by sea, hopping on a 90-minute bumpy ferry from the tiny port town of Budai, about an hour west of Chiayi in southern Taiwan. Despite their seafaring past, most modern Taiwanese do not fare well with the waves on the sea, and spend the better part of the journey huddled up with painful looks on their faces, or trying to sleep off the urge to vomit. Upon arrival Penghu's capital, ... read more
Looking out to random islands with white sand beaches
Leanne on Zhili Beach, Penghu Main Island
Temple at Shanshui Beach

Asia » Taiwan » Penghu County October 13th 2011

The archipelago known as Penghu (in English the Pescadores Islands) holds an important place in the history of Taiwan. Located almost exactly halfway between Taiwan and China in the Taiwan Strait, it occupies one of the most strategic trading points between Japan, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Once held by the Dutch, it was then used as a Ming Chinese holdout for stationing troops, and later occupied by the Qing, French, Japanese, and finally the Guomindang. However, the original occupants of Penghu were primarily fishermen, arriving there from mainland China as early as 8OOCE. Some of those early fishermen went on to Taiwan, becoming the island's first non-aboriginal settlers. Therefore, the Penghu islands have always acted as a series of stepping stones between mainland China and Taiwan. While empires have come and gone, the underlying fishing ... read more
Lobsters on Temple Roof
Leanne, coral Alleyway, Er Kan Village
Blowfish Light

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