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Asia » Taiwan » Nantou County » Sun Moon Lake December 11th 2013

The weather was not so great, let say rather cloudy and rainy. Still I went to Sun Moon Lake. I guess it has its own charm with the mist. And it made up for some great views. I went up to the pagoda just on time to see it. The building actually disappeared in the mist before my eyes! It took less than 10min to be completely swallowed by the clouds. It was pretty cool. The walk down was a bit hazardous. They paved the path with some sort of smooth stones that are deadly slippery once wet. But I survived. The main highlight of the lake was the Xuanzang temple. They have the relics of Tripitaka master Xuan Zang. Ok it was mainly cool because I saw a show in NYC named 'Journey to the ... read more
Misty pagoda
Xuanzang temple
the trip of Tripitaka

Asia » Taiwan » Nantou County » Sun Moon Lake May 15th 2011

Sunday, 15th May 2011 After a delicious 烧饼 breakfast at 台中美 this morning, we headed straight to the High Speed Rail Station to purchase our combo tickets to Sun Moon Lake. For NT599 (SGD25.70), the bundle came with a return bus ticket to Taichung, 1 boat ride to Itasho, 1 round-trip pass on the cable car system and unlimited rides on the round-the-lake shuttle buses. There were other ticket combinations on sale at the tour desk. We just wanted a no-frills package that covered the bare essentials of the lake. My last visit to Sun Moon Lake was some 6 years back. I recalled having to board a bus to Puli from the chaotic Taichung Railway Station and transfered to another bus to bring me to the lake. There were no combo tickets available. And of ... read more
Combo Tickets
Cheerful Visitor's Center
Hearty Lunch

Asia » Taiwan » Nantou County » Sun Moon Lake March 11th 2011

Our first stop was the noodle place. Hsien took us there in his car that was parked at the university behind his place. It sort of reminded me of Sewanee – a big, beautiful campus in the middle of nowhere. He dropped us off and we ordered one bowl of Pho Bo for 60 NT. It was super good. Then we bought tea at the shop nearby and waited for the bus to take us to the lake. A fancier bus took us there and it was a really quick ride. Once there we rented electric bikes. The electric and normal bikes were the same price, so we went ahead with electric. Unfortunately, they weren't the kind that sort of motor you along – you have to keep pedaling. We asked for one hour and I ... read more
bus stop in Yuchi
how to use a regular toilet
betel nut trees

Asia » Taiwan » Nantou County » Sun Moon Lake September 18th 2009

(Day 532 on the road)From Tainan, my mum and I took a combination of train and bus to Sun Moon Lake, the largest lake in Taiwan. On the way we had to change trains in a small little town, and walking around waiting for our connection we stumbled across a crammed tea shop manned by a lovely elderly couple. They spoke no English whatsoever, but with hands and feet they explained to us what their various teas on offer were good for (headache, throat problems, sleeping etc). My mum bought two packages, and leaving the shop she wanted to take a picture. The men felt compelled to put on his shirt for that, and the resulting picture of the old couple in their shop was was not of a very high photographic interest, but a memory ... read more
Beautiful Tsen pagoda
Misty Sun Moon Lake
Me looking down from the top of Wenwu temple

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