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March 11th 2011
Published: October 14th 2011
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Our first stop was the noodle place. Hsien took us there in his car that was parked at the university behind his place. It sort of reminded me of Sewanee – a big, beautiful campus in the middle of nowhere. He dropped us off and we ordered one bowl of Pho Bo for 60 NT. It was super good. Then we bought tea at the shop nearby and waited for the bus to take us to the lake.

A fancier bus took us there and it was a really quick ride. Once there we rented electric bikes. The electric and normal bikes were the same price, so we went ahead with electric. Unfortunately, they weren't the kind that sort of motor you along – you have to keep pedaling. We asked for one hour and I left my ID and we went off to go around the lake.

Not long after setting off the chain came off of mine. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that there was a big piece of plastic screwed on so I couldn’t touch the chain. We called for help (they’d given us some sort of GPS walkie-talkie/telephone radio) and a guy came about 20 minutes later to pick us up. Along the way we saw another bike rental place, this time with the kind that just motors you along. It would be a pain to try to get there, though. You’d have to take a bus I think. Anywho, We’d tried to ask for a replacement, but we couldn’t communicate with him…when we got there, we bargained with them a bit (we hadn’t used a full hour and spent a lot of time waiting) and ended up paying 320, 20%!o(MISSING)ff. They were really sweet.

We decided to walk back to Yuchi since the day was still so gross. We walked down the mountain for about 25 minutes before catching a bus. We had to pay the same as if we had been waiting at the top, so we shouldn’t have started walking!

Technical details

- Bus from Yuchi to Sun Moon Lake = 23 per person
- Electric bike rental near the bus = 200 per hour, per bike

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